Can the knit cardigan of “Laissance” can also “sexy” and “retro”?

Whenever I say knit cardigan, is it a coarse needle wool cardigan?

Indeed, the knitted opening is also called “grandmate”. The milk shirt in the impression is the fancy embroidery, the old style print, a long period of time, “engraving” image is deeply rooted.

However, the cardigan can be easily matched with other clothing, or it can be worn alone, as “home clothes” it also has a place.

So, almost all the advantages you can think of in the cardigan, but I have always loved this single product, the reason is – wearing an inexplicable, there is a kind of old gas (and everyone impressed with you Can’t do it).

Finally, these two-year fashion designers began to pay attention to cardians! After a series of fashion upgrades, in 2021, the designers made knitted cardigans and they also changed.

I saw a “shirt” in the past year, I face this “old life talk” single product, which tricks have been played in this year show?

The keyword of the ultra-short cardigree is a word:





2021 autumn and winter show, the full answer sheet of “hidden explosions” is handed over – “Ultra-short cardigan”. This hottest style is demonstrated by our Kendall Beans. Mahai Mao’s soft material is equipped with landmark metal LOGO, and he has to say that this single product pushed the French card to the extreme romance ~

In addition to single wear, this ultra-short cardigan is also a heart and sexy. This high satiety color is not easy to control, but dear, red + powder is actually very advanced.

Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, there are also many babes bloggers, Jacquemus, this Tension WEAR “lapad cardigan” loyal fans, all in INS. Follow


“It’s not revealing”

Basic principle, it is recommended to take a highlighted wide-leg pants, and it is best to do not too “female,”, try to create some anti-different sense ~

The modeling of this cardigan is fired, except for Mahai Mao, similar to other fabrics such as routine cotton, polyester fibers, will not be absent. With the slim and unique version, come with “Spicy” ~

It can be said that designers are redefined in a variety of ways.

Seeing that many friends will definitely say, after all, it is autumn, short-like knit cardigans like bar is not worn, T-and Stars are naturally unable to adapt to their daily occasions, but this


“Knitting cardigan to dress”

Trend you can always get.

For example, you can choose to have the style of the big V, and don’t match what small sling, vest, this year is not popular.

Alternatively, “shortness is not enough, wearing a method”. It can be like Bella, “vacuum” + only the top 1-2 buckles.


Miu Miu

On the show

Put the wool blouse into the shoulder shirt


. Only the bottom two buttons, then pull the cardigan to the shoulder to show the lock bone and one shoulder ~


[Knit Cartoon Set]

This concept is also a hot fashion password for more than two years ~

Sandro 2022SS



2022SS demonstrates the flush of the sweater with the same color sling, it seems that it is not a super-fashionable, and the two-piece level is also more rich, in line with our autumn matching keywords – level.


Short cardigan + close-fitting underwear is also very suitable for mixing in jeans or skirt, there is a sense of inside, is it more secure than the first wear, but here should pay attention –


Internal and external materials need to be unified

If there is a cotton item, the feeling of “set” disappears, this trend is not stepped on.


If the inner and cardi is chosen, it can be bold on the color of the hat, bag, etc., etc., to create a contrast.

Of course, the most expensive or inside and outside is consistent, see the fashion blogger


Camille Charriere


This chessboard card sweater set (also too grass), with black Legging and woven bags, it is completely we can learn from the idea ~


Kematoth beans took fire in two years ago

Alessandra Rich

Cartoon purple knit tube top suit, and romantic little flower side embroidery to decoration, now look at all, the big write is very gentle + very white, it is too suitable for autumn this lack of vitality.

Fantasy ripper cardigans will continue to move in the fall of 2021

This will be a good news for those who like to minimize the main clothing of the wardrobe.


Similar [Robs Knitting Fabric Set] this year’s show is very much, it is a high level of light and light, and it is also a gentle.



If the sexy cardigan mentioned above is not the choice of the choice of your wardrobe, then the retro cardigan you want to introduce now is likely to be! The charm of the cardigan can be in the past is that they can be both sexy, still able to maintain simple elegance.

Don’t underestimate the nostalgic charm of the cardigan, after all, “Grandma” is a single product from the 1960s and 1960s. The classic striped element of “small wind” knit cardigan with pure white straight jeans and red lip makeup, the whole person is exudes a touch of retro breath ~

Although the name of the “grandmaster” is old, it is always an old, but as long as the style is selected, it will not make you really old, but it is possible to make you look more reliable than usual. For example, this lapel design of dark coffee brown, with metal buckle and pearl necklace, which adds a layer of fun, but not Old.

Our previous article said that the crocheted item is still very popular this year, this shirt with embroidery decoration, you need to use some same retro accessories to match, such as – crocodile packet.

Sandro 2022SPRING

Although the cardigan can be made of any fabric, this year’s autumn and winter, ribbed knitted or Mahai Mao is more fashionable.


2022SS This tight-fitting low saturated colorful ribbed cardigan is really beautiful,


The shape of the V word is presented up and down

In fact, it is a very good profile, I recommend everyone try it.

It can look small, waist, long legs.

Although neutral color is more “versatile”, it is also preferred in the closet with a colored knitted cardigan. Soft color, soft texture, coarse knitting hollow, gem buttons These small details are popular in autumn and winter.

Of course, if you want to make a simple buttons, you have to achieve it through some smart stacks.




2021 Early Autumn models use the silver silk line cardigan to match the leopard shirt, this work is more difficult to control, but

Wrapped in a soft shirt


This idea can be Get.


Saint Laurent 2021 Fall

In the fashion circle, it is not strange to wear, and ordinary people look like “hodgepodge” mix, but it is very embarrassing. For example


Saint Laurent


This striped low-leading cardigan is equipped with the basic shirt of the same low collar, and there is a bright short dress, the black stockings and the pointed high heels. There is a romantic DISCO girl Feel ~

If the grandma shirt in your hand is too found, there is no highlight of the button, and it seems that you can save it through stacking. Try


Tang it as the middle layer of “sandwich”

There is a shirt to do the inside, and there is a short jacket to make a jacket. When you don’t say it, you can also solve the problem of “big and evening temperature difference”.


Max Mara 2021 FW

Finally, I’m doing a cardigan single product that can be worn outside.


Max mara

2021 autumn and winter show on this Oversize cooker belongs to the first eye, but the more you look at the style of the more (want to buy). The whole is loose, with a shirt dress with an ankle, is a unique and soft and dry temperament.


Saint Laurent 2021 FW

Suk’s cardigan is very suitable for stacking wearing jacket

For example, this cartan with artificial fur ornament is unsuccessful (focus), which is very elegant, but it is also very dangerous.


The current very popular ultra-loose Oversize version cardigan, the length is basically the thigh, the loose foot shoulder sleeves undoubtedly let the “lazy sense” strengthen, it is very comfortable.


If you are worried about you can’t help you can’t help you can’t get up the oversize version of the cardigan, it is recommended to get off work with a short section.


The length is slightly better than the cardigan long.

Immediately go to the holiday, it is recommended that you have a knit cardigan in your suitcase. You can take your shoulders on the airplane / high-speed rail. It is also very fashionable when you go out. It is very convenient to wear at home.

Soft knit cardigan directly When the coat is open, it is really a happy thing in autumn, here sharing a small feeling of editing –

The amount of cardigan must be enough, since there is a knit cardigan that can always wear, there is no money to save there.

Examples of cashmere, if it is a thin layer, then “

Wild wrapped


“I feel that you can’t experience it, but if you get enough, the whole person will be buried in this dress. If this cardigan is very large, then it is better.

Fine knit cardigan + thick knit cardigan

The stacking ideas can also try, orange white color weakens the thick knitting elements, the following match is also very simple, straight jeans or more seasonal corduroy pants, leather pants are good.

The knitting cardigans of various materials have been in the fashion circles for a while, as if always remind everyone:


I am not only a time, but it is more and more fashionable!


From the classic simplicity, there is a rich color change, from ultra-short models that are gentle, soft materials, from splicing to weave, too much gameplay can almost satisfy our wearing demand, not exaggerated, there is a piece Both comfortably and practical cardigans, we have the biggest sense of security this fall ~


Let’s take a look at the seasonal skin care, animal pattern, cream’s content:

Once, I thought that the skin care products were used to change … Now, it is extremely regretted …


Let you avoid animal pattern elements, is the fashion circle that is really “dangerous and charming”.

Julie’s favorite cream, how do you want to wear it gentle and more gold?

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