No matter how old a woman is, she chooses “knitwear” when she is not inspired to wear in winter, and she is elegant to the bone

No matter how old a woman is, she chooses “knitwear” when she is not inspired to dress in winter, and she is elegant to the bone! Knitwear is a piece that can be worn from autumn to winter, so we can choose more different styles for ourselves to meet your matching needs, and you can also layer different coats, but if you want to dress fashionable and advanced, you must follow the blogger below to wear it like this, both fashion and warmth, worth having, let’s see which outfit you are more suitable for.

First of all, pay attention to the style and cut of knitwear, in order to appear thin and tall, it is recommended that you give priority to slim knitwear, which is also the least error-prone and particularly versatile item. Slim styles don’t look fat when worn alone or layered, showing off your slim curves and even amplifying your personal strengths.

Light-colored knitwear does lack the thinning effect compared with dark colors, but light colors give people a more refreshing feeling, and they will look younger and more beautiful when worn in winter, such as the following white knitted undershirt is a good match, can be combined with a coat or down jacket to mix and match.

Knitted cardigan is also very malleable, easier to match, like the following blue knitted cardigan with knitted dress, with this color matching and layered shape to improve the overall fashion of the outfit, looks very attractive, and blue is also a relatively refreshing color, conducive to modifying our skin Oh.

There are many ways to wear knitwear, if you want to look fresh and atmospheric, you can match the lower body with wide-leg pants, such as the five-length wide-leg pants below look quite simple and casual, but this wide-leg pants may be a little cold, because she shows our calves, it is recommended that you can match the lower body with boots, which can both define the legs and keep warm.

And when choosing knitwear to avoid the style of rotten street, the following green will give people a new feeling, although the shape and design of the knitwear is not too new, but because the color is more beautiful, so this shape is also very temperamental, but also show fair skin.

When wearing knitwear, pay attention to the elastic combination and the combination of length and short, for example, when choosing a loose knitwear, the lower body should try slim pants, so that the shape will not appear fat. The cropped tapered pants below look particularly simple and are suitable for female friends with pear-shaped bodies.

In addition, layering and matching is also worth referring to, you can wear shirts or other thin T-shirts layered inside, such a shape enhances the layering of your outfit, but also can interpret a refreshing and fashionable temperament, like the white shirt below with gray sweaters, gentle and fashionable, especially temperamental.

In addition, the knitwear with a small turtleneck is also a clothing with a strong sense of existence in this autumn and winter, because the design of the high neck has a more obvious warmth effect, will not show our neck, it does look very warm, but at the same time requires our body not to be too fat, otherwise the upper body slightly fat crushes wearing this turtleneck will feel a little bloated.

Fortunately, the light blue turtleneck sweater below is quite refreshing to wear on the body, whether it is its color or shape is very simple, which means that it is easier to match, and the turtleneck and high-waisted skirt are more elegant to match, which can show a good figure.

When you are choosing a knitwear to match a skirt, you may be able to use the material to echo, compared to denim or leather skirts, the following knitted skirt is more suitable for matching knitwear, the material is effectively combined, looks like a suit, you can’t go wrong.

In addition, we can also match this kind of booties under the feet, and use booties to compare with knitwear and skirts in material, so that the outfit will look more novel and fashionable. The black booties are also great for autumn and winter, and they are tall and thin under the feet, so if you are small, you must not miss it.

Discussed the above fashion knitwear wear, I believe that you little fairies will also be inspired, to wear good looks and fashionable, one should pay attention to the fit, the second should pay attention to the color, and the third is to pay attention to the overall matching. Follow the fashion bloggers above to wear it, then basically your matching will not go wrong. Disclaimer: The text is original, and the picture comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you. Text/9

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