Porcelain appreciation | Carmine ground enamel rolled flowers and bird patterns open to the bottle

Carmine ground enamel rolled flowers and bird patterns open to the bottle

Bottom diameter: 12.5cm Caliber: 9.3cm Height: 35cm

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Bottle skimming, neck binding, slanted shoulders, bottle belly round, circle foot. The whole body is carmine as the ground, and the “icing on the cake” technique is used to engrave the fine curly grass brocade, which is decorated with butterfly love patterns, the flowers are delicate and blooming, and the butterflies are flying, which means “flowers bloom and are rich”. The decorative pattern of the bottle body is rich and luxurious, the layers are clear, from top to bottom painted with back patterns, tangled floral patterns, banana leaf patterns, lotus petal patterns, the belly of the bottle is four open lights, the inside is painted exquisite floral bird patterns, pairs of birds, rich peonies, there are flowers blooming and rich, in pairs of beautiful meaning.

The bottom is a pine stone green glaze, and the blue and flower “Great Qing Qianlong Year” six-character three-line seal book model in the middle. The whole shape is noble and elegant, and the decoration is gorgeous. It reflects the ingenious skills of the craftsmen in the palace at that time, revealing the unique personal vision and taste of the Qianlong Emperor, and also showing the fashion style of the Qing royal family and aristocracy advocating luxury and wealth.

Carmine, named after rouge, bright and gorgeous, rich and auspicious. The “Taoya” written by the late Qing dynasty said of this glaze color: “The rouge water is unprecedented in Kangxi, the glaze is thinner than one-tenth of the egg membrane, uniform and bright, and almost incomparable.” “Carmine glaze was produced in the late Kangxi Dynasty, colored with gold, and also needed to be blown by hand and fired twice to form the shape, and the complexity of the process is breathtaking. The carmine glaze with purple in red was pleased with the emperor as soon as it appeared, and its bright color was more familiar with Qianlong’s preferences.

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The enamel process originated from the Western bronze tire painting enamel process, and enamel porcelain was a kind of imperial porcelain in the Qing Dynasty court, which began to be fired during the Kangxi Dynasty. It is a glazed painted porcelain that uses enamel pigment to depict patterns on a burned porcelain tire and then fires it in a kiln. Because of its stable color and bright colors, it was loved by the Qing emperors and flourished in the Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong dynasties.

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This piece of porcelain is also applied to the porcelain tire painting enamel with a rolling process, the so-called rolling road, also called carved ground, is on the porcelain-colored ground with a tool like an embroidery needle to draw a fine phoenix tail pattern, like a brocade pattern, with flowers, birds, landscapes and other ornaments or open light ornaments, for the Qianlong period to create a new type of decorative technique. This process is quite labor-intensive, and the records of the Qing Palace’s Internal Affairs Office call this newly created ornament “the icing on the cake”, and the Jingdezhen artist calls it a pickpocket. Insiders call this intricate craft “art on the tip of a needle”, which shows that it is not easy to be precious.

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The Qianlong Dynasty of the Qing Dynasty was the golden age of the development of ancient ceramics in China, and the official kiln porcelain of this period was famous for its rich variety and exquisite production. The Qianlong Emperor was very fond of porcelain, and attached great importance to porcelain firing, so the Jingdezhen Royal Kiln Factory fired many innovative porcelain during the Qianlong period, and its production process was fine, the patterns were complex and noble, and the colors were beautiful and beautiful, which became the characteristics of the imperial kiln porcelain at that time.

Looking at this bottle, it is full of graceful and luxurious royal grace, treasure light, beautiful and firm, good appearance, suitable for collection.

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