Let’s talk about the beauty of Hanfu: Tang Dynasty women’s skirts

Speaking of the beauty of Hanfu, I can’t help but think of a poem: “The southeast corner of the sunrise, according to my Qin Building.” The Qin family had a good daughter who called herself Raoshiki. Raoshiki sericulture, the southern corner of Caisang City. The green silk is the cage system, and the laurel branch is the cage hook. There is a bun on the head, and a pearl of the moon in the ear. The silk is the lower skirt, and the purple qi is the upper skirt. The walker saw Raoshiki and brushed his beard. When the boy saw Raoshiki, he took off his hat and bowed his head. The tiller forgets his plow, and the hoeer forgets his hoe. They came and went to resent, but sat and watched Raoshiki. ”

Here it describes a very beautiful and dignified young woman, her hair combed into a bun, and her ears wearing a jewel ring; She wears a short jacket made of purple ayako on the upper body and an embroidered light yellow silk skirt on the bottom. This kind of dress is a typical “top-up skirt”, showing a light and quiet style. According to the description in the poem, this person is no longer beautiful, the flower sees the flower, the person sees the person stay, the horse sees the horse stop, someone drew two pictures based on this, let’s analyze it together.

Let’s look at this one first, the color of the clothes is the right one described in the poem, but as a kind of Hanfu, what is a skirt? It turned out that the ancients stipulated that the short clothes worn on the upper body and the skirt tied on the lower body were collectively called skirts, and the top was called “襦”, which was shorter in length, generally no longer than the knees, and the lower body was called “skirt”. According to the height of the skirt waist, the skirt is divided into waist-length, high-waist and chest-high (seen in the Tang Dynasty). Does this look a lot like our modern classification of skirts and pants? According to the style of the collar, the pants are divided into collared and straight-collared. Therefore, this photo is not accurate.

Looking at the second picture, first of all, the style of clothing is basically in line, in Chinese history, the category of “skirts” is rich, and it can be called famous there are valerian skirts, monofilament flower skirts, pomegranate skirts, Cuixia skirts, hidden flower skirts, birds and skirts, double butterfly skirts, tulip skirts, moon skirts, phoenix tail skirts, ink skirts, fish scale pleated skirts, colorful embroidered horse face skirts, etc., but it is clear that the color is used incorrectly, and this face shape and expression are too similar to Japanese geisha, and I don’t like this one very much.

Of course, if you really want to understand ancient costumes in depth, there are many descriptions in the original historical books and various novels, such as the more real ones in “Dream of Red Mansions” and “Jin Pingmei”, and the costumes that describe the generals in the Three Kingdoms of the Water Margin look more like costumes and outfits.

It is worth mentioning that the Tang Dynasty, the prosperity of the empire, the openness of thought, the integration of cultures, the women’s clothing at that time was colorful and dazzling. From the fresh halal of the early Tang Dynasty, the magic makes nature” lotus skirt one color cut, hibiscus to the sides of the face. I can’t see it when I enter the pool, and I feel that someone is coming when I hear the song”; When it came to the height of the Tang Dynasty, Ruixue and Luo Shirt were fattened, and the embroidery was slow, and the flower banquet was late to laugh. Light body back to the snow, Luo thin through the coagulation”; Then to the autumn dyeing of the lotus silk in the late Tang, soft and desolate” Xi Shi Dao Huan Chun Yarn, Jasper is now dou Lihua. The eyebrows will be daylily colored, and the red dress is jealous of the pomegranate flower”…

Looking back, “every time before and after the valley rain, the road to the flower capital Luoyang”, smile at the scene, “the crown covers the wilderness, and the beauty is like a cloud.” Flower viewers are dressed in fluttering clothes and skirts in the wind; Drinkers are breezy and graceful. It can be said that it is more beautiful than peony, and people are like peony red. They appreciate beauty and create beauty. The beauty of the scene, the good effect, is unprecedented…”

As in front of you, prosperity has come to an end; As in a dream, the bright moon is still…

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