Patients with lumbar disc herniation should not be greedy for cold in summer, and lumbar protection starts from these aspects

Summer has arrived, and the temperature has continued to rise recently, but the number of patients with lumbar disc herniation and other lumbar diseases caused by cold in the lower back has shown a clear upward trend. Need everyone to be vigilant: summer temperature is high, many people in order to cool down will choose to blow air conditioning, sleeping mattresses, wearing short skirts but caused by waist cold, waist after cold local vasoconstriction, muscle spasm, intervertebral disc pressure increase, stimulate nerves, resulting in lumbar symptoms and even induce lumbar disc herniation, therefore, it is necessary to remind the public that summer cooling must not ignore the warmth of the waist!

Summer is also the high incidence period of lumbar disc herniation, in addition to paying attention to the warmth of the waist, what else should patients do?

1. Avoid direct blowing of the air conditioner on the body;

2. Avoid sitting for a long time;

3. Avoid the waist in a fixed posture for a long time

4. Avoid not going out indoors for a long time;

5. Strengthen outdoor sports to enhance the strength of the lumbar back muscles;

6. If symptoms occur, seek medical attention in time.

If the symptoms of lumbar disc herniation have appeared in summer, and the patient presents obvious symptoms in the acute phase of lumbar disc herniation, it is necessary to seek medical attention in time and relieve the symptoms according to the plan formulated by the doctor.

In addition, generally the first episode of lumbar disc herniation in the acute stage and severe pain can choose to sleep on a hard bed (note that it is not a bare bed) with a wooden bed; Patients with mild pain and long course of disease do not need to stay in bed all day, and can get out of bed for a short time 2~3 times a day, and protect with waist circumference during activity; Avoid large bending and weight bearing, eliminating the “hidden danger” that aggravates the condition.

When you are in good physical condition, you should also do lumbar back muscle exercises. Patients with lumbar disc herniation are mostly due to damage to the lumbar back muscles, coupled with congenital degeneration of the lumbar spine, resulting in lesions, and summer swimming is a very suitable sport for exercising the lumbar back muscles. Therefore, swimming can effectively prevent lumbar disc herniation, and for patients with lumbar disc herniation, swimming can also play an auxiliary role if it happens to be during treatment.

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