Blogger Hu Jiahui walks women’s ministry wind, pearl cowgirl pork dress with embroidery doll shirt, sweet burst

This is to open the summer workplace goddess age-building, hot summer, we have to be comfortable, for the workplace girl, every time, although it is ready to match, it is still enough to wear enough fashion trend. Today, today’s fashion blogger Hu Jiahui took us with a precious feeling of the goddess of the workplace.


Her these wear is very suitable for workplace girls to wear a style, and for the body does not limit much, like to pursue fashion fans, follow her to wear it!


1: Color pick


We like to wear some fresh cool colors in the hot summer day, this series can easily say goodbye to the hot summer, and you can also highlight the bluntness of your skin, she wears a light green chiffon shirt, this color band Come to youth, have a playful sense of age, if the color is new and thorough, the lower body should pick a dark series, the light and dark collision are striking, which is fresh and highlighted for thin visual sense.


Two: Doll embroidery chiffon shirt

Hu Jiahui wears a short doll shirt, and the decoration of the floral will bring the sweetness of the Sen girl, and this tower is used to use the doll style, exquisite embroidery, which is both heavy and brought to the beautiful girl, this Short design, easy to highlight the waist curve, lace decoration is both ladies and thin, champagne pearl buttons, exquisite and modified upper body ratios.

Three: Stead Jeans

The cowboy series is a must-have for summer, the color is classic and atmospheric. This denim is a dark series, and the irregular line design is perfect. It is perfect to live the waist, and this cowboy adds pearl decoration to avoid a single sense of solid color series. The length of the skirt is designed to the calf design, combined with the fork design, visually show the long legs straightforward, very suitable for high-quality women to wear.

We are wearing some workplace sets, not only some simple black and white suit, if you want to wear age-age, you can try some cute lace single items, but also mature female age-age essentials.


Hu Jiahui is in the lawn, it is really romantic. With a pair of Rome high heels, simple beige has increased the exquisiteness of the workplace as a whole, and this sandals use weave design, which is very comfortable.

After reading the Sensend Sweet wind, the next set of simple warm colors is also delicious.

Workplace British style

Light coffee, vest, from the British style, and now a lot of suit vests are very popular in summer, in the top of a tube top strap, the trend has highlighted the shoulder and neck, Hu Jiahui is with a straight white snow. Textiles, cold colors and warm colors are mixed together, both improve the overall gloss, also brings retro octave.


Goddess must-have dress

The skirt is also the daily necessities, especially the tall girl, the long dress can improve the body high-quality temperament, this bean green dress fabric is comfortable and thin, the waist has added a belt design, and the perfect outline the overall body compaction, And the color is self-satisfied, and there is not much challenging in your skin color. Here is a pair of popular Roman shoes this year, and the whole is full of fashion bloggers.

Literary romantic wind

Pumpkin colors have youthful, for mature girls are essential color, Hu Jiahui wears this dress, use bubble sleeves, perfect cover the arms, the lace design, highlight the waist curve, the lower body The deep coffee color pleated skirt, the material of cotton and linen wear comfort and literary romance, with a pair of thick and milk tea high heel sandals, this thickness is relatively high.

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