2016 Beauty Review – Gem Fountain Hand Cream Review

Crabtree & Evelyn is a British cosmetics brand. Inspired by John Evelyn, a well-known writer and horticulturist of the 17th century, he hopes to find something precious and extraordinary on every unique day, not only as an attitude to life, but also as a sense of one’s surroundings. The big sister of the American music industry, Big Madonna, couldn’t help but reveal that she loved the fragrance of this brand, so that Madonna was mischievously named Miss Gem Cui. Because even she herself is a fan of the brand, this shows the charm of Rosewood. Today, I want to follow the editor to understand the fountain hand cream of Gem Verde to see what is magical about it.


The price on Taiwan’s official website is 850 Taiwan dollars / 100g, which is equivalent to about 167 yuan / 100g. Some netizens are very entangled in Julico, L’Occitane and Gemper, the three are compared in terms of price, the cost performance of Gempercui is much higher, although it cannot be said how cheap, for their own Qianqian jade hands, this money should not be a problem.


Turning your attention to the hand cream itself, the same aluminum toothpaste-type tube used to be used like L’Occitane, probably because aluminum is too easy to deform, and the new model has been changed to soft plastic packaging like other brands of hand cream! Although it is a little downgrade, it will be much easier to use. The tube body is based on sky blue, which symbolizes the fountain, and the brand logo and fountain pattern are simply printed in the middle. It is also important to say that this hand cream has no seal, and in general, it belongs to the appearance of a decent product.

• Taste

The taste of this hand cream is neutral and can be described in two words: fresh. Because its fountain formula using mineral salts and seaweed extract, it is not as strong and pungent as other floral aromas, and its fragrance is very light marine flavor. Boys should be very receptive to such a taste, unlike rose roses, too many girls around me can hardly bear such a strong fragrance.


The texture is a formed white frost. Rosewood’s hand creams are light and easy to glide, typically hydrating rather than oily. It is also because of its light texture, which can be used in all seasons, increasing the touch and comfort of the hands.

Usage experience

In fact, the full name of this hand cream should be called Gem Fountain SPA Hand Cream, also known as Fountain Spa Hand Cream. The name is SPA and spa, and when I heard the name, I thought it was a sticky and ultra-moisturizing hand cream, but after using it, I changed my opinion of it a lot. Infused with natural seaweed extract, this exceptionally refreshing hand cream is perfect for summer when it repairs and soothes, intensely calms itchy hands after sun exposure. It is recommended that the fountain is best used in the season when the hands are not so dry, compared with the gardening master of the same brand, this fountain is not enough moisture in winter, if you still like this refreshing and moist feeling in winter, you can apply it several times a day. Moisturizing but not oily is the biggest feeling of using Fountain Hand Cream, which uses shea butter to enhance absorption, so that the hand cream can really soak into the skin of the hands, without worrying about false slippery problems.


Rosewood Fountain Moisturizing Hand Cream uses a fountain formula of mineral salts and seaweed extract, combined with the active ingredients of fruit cream, to prevent dry and cracked skin, ensuring smooth and supple hands. In addition, natural seaweed extract and vitamin E can replenish the loss of amino acids (protein), and allantoin is repairing and soothing, effectively calming the itchy skin of the hands after sun exposure. The hands are slippery, moist, soft and enjoyable. Let her linger on your hands overnight and nourish your skin.

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