Ronaldo’s ex-girlfriend is too personal, denim buttoned four times in a row to show off her figure, and the top is sexy and fashionable

Irina Shaik, with a tall figure of one meter seven or eight meters and a delicate appearance with brown hair and blue eyes, makes her a hot supermodel. Although he and Ronaldo began a relationship, they did not last long, and they separated within a few years. Irina Shaik was a supermodel when she was in love, and she was more magnetic after breaking up! Some time ago, on the streets of Mexico, Irina Shaik wore a set of denim, the upper body of the jeans buttoned four times in a row to show off the good figure, the top inside the empty sexy fashion!

As a supermodel, Irina Shaik’s clothes are naturally impeccable. Her tall figure makes it easier for her to navigate every style. Black short skirt with black stockings, black can be said to be a more trendy style of dressing at this stage, not only highlighting the high-end, but also particularly thin. Irina Shaik, as a supermodel, naturally has a stronger aura than ordinary people, and she is more domineering after wearing sunglasses. Holding another bag in your hand looks more delicate. The white bag contrasts with the outfit, which makes her feel more fashionable!

The figure of the supermodel is really impeccable, Irina Shaik a lilac V-neck slip split long dress, good figure at a glance, compared with the “world sexy supermodel” Adriana Lima is really sexy. The design of the long skirt that opens to the base of her thighs allows her to show off her beautiful legs to a greater extent, and the eye-catching effect is also excellent. Stepping on a pair of heels of the same color on your feet can better define the overall look.

Are sexy supermodels so bold? Irina Shakek wears a denim outfit on the streets of Mexico, with a denim top buttoned up to the waist, showing off her figure, and the top is sexy and fashionable. The look of the collar is handsome. Jeans themselves have the characteristics of chic and casual, Irina Shaik folded the sleeves in half, highlighting a capable and strong control momentum, sunglasses added a bit of cool vision to her, put her hands in her trouser pockets, handsome turned over?

It is said that high heels are a magic weapon to improve the temperament of girls, and it is true! Irina Shakek wears a denim suit with blue high heels to maximize her handsomeness and tall temperament! High heels have a certain effect on the girl’s leg line, and after Irina Shaik wears it, the leg line is visually elongated, and the tall temperament suddenly follows.

Jeans with high heels are the favorite style of girls at this stage, especially for professional women, which can better highlight their delicate and mature temperament.

I have to say that Irina Shaik really has a personality, appearing on the streets of Mexico in a denim suit, jeans buttoned four times in a row to show off a good figure, the top is sexy and fashionable, this figure is really enviable!

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