Down jackets only buy big brands? After wearing ducks and ducks and flying in the snow once, I found that domestic down jackets are also good

Using the price to measure the quality of a down jacket and treating the brand as a delicate label is a misunderstanding that many people are prone to fall into when buying down jackets.

In fact, don’t pay too much attention to the brand when buying down jackets, especially those big brands, such as Canada Goose on “Rotten Street”, “School Uniform” North, including the successful transformation of Bosideng, most of them are “IQ tax”.

It wasn’t until I wore a duck and a down jacket flying in the snow that I realized it deeply:

It turns out that the domestic down jacket is really good, cost-effective, good quality, more conscientious than the big brand down jacket!

About duck duck

When it comes to domestic down jackets, ducks must have a name. As an Internet celebrity down jacket brand in the 80s, after so many years, it has maintained a price close to the people.

“Everyone can afford it” is the best interpretation of duck and duck down jackets.

Although there was a trough in the middle, in recent years, with the blessing of the star effect, Li Yifeng, Tong Liya, and Ming Dao have brought goods for them, and they have gradually returned to the fashion stage.

About flying in the snow

The brand positioning of Xuezhongfei is very clear, the main consumers are mainly young and middle-aged people aged 18-38, and the down jacket style design is fashionable and casual, and the blessing of trendy elements creates a young brand image.

“Young and lively” is the most appropriate way to describe the design style of flying in the snow.

The trendy style and rich color matching fully cater to the aesthetic taste of young people, and the cost performance is very high, and the student party can afford it “without eating soil”!

Advantages and disadvantages of ducks and snow flying

Duck Duck and Xuezhongfei are both domestic down jacket brands, and the advantages and disadvantages of the two also have a lot in common.


(1) The price is close to the people

Ducks and ducks and down jackets flying in the snow, the average price is 100 yuan, light down jackets can be bought for more than 100 pieces, short models are generally about five or six hundred, and only a few long down jackets cost thousands of yuan.

From the price point of view, it meets the needs of vulnerable consumer groups, student parties and the elderly, and almost everyone can afford it.

(2) Excellent quality

To measure the quality of a down jacket, the key is to keep warm. Although duck duck and snow fly down jackets are filled with duck down, they are higher than the standard filler, down content and fluffiness, and the warmth is not inferior to goose down.

All down jackets have a down content of up to 90%, and the filling amount depends on the style: light 100g or less, short 100g-150g, long 150g-200g, fluffiness 650+, to meet the warmth needs of the north and south.

The fleece filling technology is ingenious, and it is equipped with anti-drill wool technology to avoid the situation of drilling and running down in the down jacket.


(1) The style lacks recognition

Although it is cost-effective, it lacks recognition in style design, and I don’t know what brand it is when I wear it.

It is necessary to complain about the design of duck duck down jackets, only a few of them conform to the public’s aesthetics, most of the styles are more traditional and tacky, there are no popular elements with the public, and there is no classic personal label.

Although the overall style of the snow flying down jacket is young and fashionable, it lacks personality, and it is no different from ordinary down jackets,”

No unique labels”

It’s a big bruise.

(2) Insufficient brand awareness

Duck duck and flying in the snow, these two down jacket brands believe that many post-90s and post-00s have never heard of them, and only the post-80s generation is still more impressed by them.

This is also a well-known hard injury of duck duck and snow flying, brand awareness is not enough, in publicity, promotion is far inferior to Bosideng, even if the quality is comparable, many people are still willing to choose the more expensive Bosideng.


The quality of down jackets has nothing to do with brand and price, but brand awareness also has a certain influence.

On the whole, domestic down jackets such as duck duck and snow flying, what is lacking is brand awareness, on the quality and cost performance, absolutely hang international big names!

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