The Korean version of the sweatshirt goes all over the world, such a bohemian can too!

Speaking of the recent popular Korean dramas really set off another wave of sweatshirts, looking at the sweatshirts worn by flowers in Korean dramas, it really makes people can’t wait to change into a set. Today, the editor has prepared some popular sweatshirts in Korean dramas, the heroine in Korean dramas to teach you how to dress, hurry up and find the male protagonist who is destined to be!

NO.1 Hooded sweatshirt

The most common in Korean dramas is a hooded sweatshirt, with a tweed coat, which is really very young, simply with the halo of the protagonist, casual and fashionable.

This is the most popular hooded sweatshirt in Korea in recent years, double-pull hooded sweatshirt, versatile design, full of Han fan. The side zipper design is full of small details, which adds a lot of color to the overall look.

Connecting the small U-neck design, lengthening the neck and face shape, visually slimmer, shrinking the cuffs, more warm and comfortable, after wearing it is both practical and casual fashion.

Hooded sweatshirt, big hat made very three-dimensional, after wearing it looks full of spirit, will not look soft and collapsed overall. Delicate embroidery adds a sense of design and fashion to a simple sweatshirt.

Loose casual style sweatshirt, simple and elegant style, very good matching, whether it is shopping or home casual Shenma will be very suitable, like Han Fan’s sister paper can start!

The extra-long dropped shoulder sleeves and the ultra-short bodice are cut to give the bodice a super effect and instantly bring out the feeling of long legs. Fashionable and versatile, with casual jeans, casual street good concave shape.

The big oversize sweatshirt, the fit is loose, mid-length, you can hide it, and all the fat gods and horses have disappeared, so that you can look good.

NO.2oversize sweatshirt

Recently, this oversize sweatshirt has become popular, and after wearing it, you can hide yourself in the clothes, casual and casual to reveal fashion and generosity, exuding a strong lazy temperament.

A simple and versatile Korean version of the loose sweatshirt, which can be directly matched with simple leggings, fashion trend, more youthful, full of student temperament.

A very simple sweatshirt, solid color design, the overall look is very refreshing and generous, fashionable and versatile, whether it is paired with leggings or short skirts, it is a very good match.

Korean version of the contrast sweatshirt, round neck design, looks youthful and age-reduced, wide sweatshirt, really very casual after the upper body, hip-hop fan, boyfriend force MAX.

The solid color sweatshirt, only has a simple embroidery at the cuffs, which makes people shine, and the overall shape will not look cumbersome, fashionable and versatile.

The simple and generous round neck design allows you to match more freely, and the playful embroidery design on the clothes is more feminine and sweet, adding a different style to the overall look.

This is a couple’s sweatshirt, and this is a sweatshirt dress for women, and the lace skirt adds a feminine temperament to the casual sweatshirt, showing the personal little girlish temperament.

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