Down jackets, plush pajamas… Double 11 cools down, cold wave activates Kunming’s “warm economy”

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Under the cold wave, Kunming also joined the “quick-freezing group chat”, the reporter learned from the Kunming Meteorological Observatory that the maximum temperature in Kunming from November 7 to 11 will generally drop by 8~10 °, and the process is mainly cloudy. Under the “dimensionality reduction blow” of “La Nina”, how are the sales of heating appliances and thermal equipment in Kunming? On November 10, the reporter visited some home appliance malls and business districts in Kunming.

The reporter randomly visited several clothing stores and found that thermal underwear, plush pajamas, and even cotton socks have become “regulars” in the shopping baskets of citizens in recent days. Due to the influence of cold air, Kunming citizens’ preference for winter clothing such as down jackets and fleece has also increased. The relevant person in charge of a clothing fast-selling brand told reporters that since Kunming was affected by Typhoon “Yuangui” in October, the sales of warm clothes in the mall soared by 104% compared with the previous month, especially in the past week, the sales volume is very hot, “This week’s single-day sales are almost catching up with the sales of the whole week of September!” ”

While thermal equipment has attracted much attention, heating appliances have also become popular. The reporter visited Gome, Suning and other home appliance malls and found that all major shopping malls have placed heating appliances such as small sun, electric oil heaters, electric heaters, and heaters at the entrances and exits, and various promotional advertisements such as discounts and full discounts are posted on home appliances, which make many citizens stop. “When the weather changed in October, I sold all the samples!” The store guide proudly told reporters that since the sale in October, the goods were just stocked last week, and the temperature dropped sharply on Double 11 and this week, and the supply in the store has now exceeded demand.

Electric blankets, as a member of the heating artifacts, “fierce generals”, but sales have unexpectedly exploded. “I’ve seen a lot of safety accidents caused by electric blankets on the news, so our family has now eliminated it.” Ms. Bai, a citizen, believes that the heating effect of electric blankets is indeed attractive, but considering the potential safety risks, her family chose to replace the sheets and quilts with flannel material, which is not only warm, but also safe.

Subsequently, the reporter visited a number of bedding stores, and most of the exhibits in the store were based on fleece, snowflake fleece, milk fleece, flannel and other fleece materials. “The temperature in Kunming dropped sharply this time, and it happened that during the Double 11 period, our cargo volume increased compared with the same period last year.” A home textile flagship store shopping guide told reporters that since October changed to days, the number of customers who came to buy the fleece four-piece set has gradually increased, but most of them are waiting for the Double 11 discount. “We have a large discount this time, which also leads to the need for some ‘star products’ to be transferred in the same city.”

Xiaozhang would like to remind the general public that warmth in cold weather is important, but whether it is buying electrical appliances or winter clothing, you should buy them on demand, and do not fall into the “Double 11 consumption trap”. When using heating appliances, always keep in mind the safety of electricity and let yourself live a warm and secure winter.

Pocket Spring City intern reporter: Zhang Die

Responsible editor: Nong Tianqin

Editor: Sharan Mei

Final judge: Qian Hongbing

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