The gas water heater is installed on the balcony, and it is not used in winter, but it can not be careless: do not close the water tank inlet valve regardless of it

The gas water heater is installed on the balcony, and it is not used in winter, but it can not be careless: do not close the water tank inlet valve regardless of it

It’s winter again, and the whole country has basically opened the “quick-freezing mode”. As the temperature drops, household appliances are used more frequently, especially gas water heaters, which have become the first choice or dominance of most families. However, we often find that the gas water heaters purchased for safety also have the problem of freezing cracking and leakage.

A wall of water hanging after a gas water heater freezes and cracks↓

Compared with solar water heaters and electric water heaters, gas water heaters need to pay attention to the problem of gas poisoning, but this does not mean that it does not have the problem of leakage, to know that all electrical appliances have the possibility of leakage, just say the probability of high or low.

Every year, there will be water heaters electrocuted, for this phenomenon, we must also pay enough attention and vigilance. It is understood that many families install gas water heaters on balconies, and even keep the water tank in the case of water in order to save trouble.

In fact, this is a relatively dangerous behavior, why say so?

First of all, the gas water heater is on the balcony, which is easily affected by outdoor temperature changes, when the temperature is too low at night, the anti-fall air duct may be frozen, in this case cold air will enter the gas water heater, resulting in the water in the tank to freeze, and the volume may occur after the tank freezes and cracks.

When the temperature rises again, ice melt and flow out will cause the power supply motherboard and gas proportional valve short circuit, if the leakage is serious, it will cause leakage and other situations, this time is really taking life in the bath!

If you go to the merchant to ask for a warranty at this time, the merchant will not deal with you, because the freezing crack is not within the scope of the warranty, so what we can do is to prevent in advance to avoid damage to our personal and property safety.

The specific measures are as follows:


Installation location

We must avoid freezing of gas water heaters as much as possible, and it is best to install them in environments above 5 °C, such as kitchens, etc., in addition to exhaust systems and flue problems.

2. Switch assist

We can also use the leakage protection switch, which can automatically cut off the power when it detects leakage, which is suitable for gas water heaters.

3. Personal behavior

Flexible application of hot water valves and drain valves to drain water and avoid continued use of the water heater in the event of freezing. For the water pipe part, you can also use insulation cotton and waste clothing for insulation.

If you do not use the gas water heater for a long time, remember to power it off and drain the water in the tank.

Of course, if the service life of the gas water heater is too long, the parts are partially aging, it will also increase the possibility of water leakage and electricity leakage, at this time there is freezing crack damage, it is recommended to find professional maintenance personnel to come over!

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