7cn leather platform muffin booties

The design with a thick sole is warmer to wear and highlights the sense of layering.

The material of genuine leather is more resistant to dirt when worn.

Wear yours with jeans and bring out your sexy body.

Design highlights

Muffin booties are selected from high-quality leather raw materials, soft fleece lining makes wearing more warm and comfortable, with exquisite production technology and excellent waterproof and anti-slip function, all convey a high-quality lifestyle, the design of the thick sole is more warm to wear and highlight the layering, the leopard print design is more sexy, the overall fashion and trend.

Pairing guide

How can you do without jeans in winter? A pair of jeans can both highlight your fashion taste and break the heaviness of boots! With a slim waist compared to heavy snow boots, you can’t go wrong with weight loss. Jeans with boots perfectly define the leg shape. Girls who think they have thick legs can use jeans with snow boots.

Thick-bottomed design.

The material of genuine leather.

Wear yours with jeans.

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