Anti-allergy and soothing toothpaste for teeth and gum protection, which one is best for everyone to use?

Working hard in society, hearty smile and white teeth, such a good image helps to impress, helps to build interpersonal relationships, and thus lays a good foundation for career success. If you have yellow teeth or oral problems such as bad breath, I believe that others will avoid it.

Brushing teeth as a daily cleaning of the mouth, a good toothpaste can not only help us whiten teeth, but also solve problems such as bleeding gums, mucosal damage, and tooth sensitivity. And an “all-round” toothpaste is more acceptable to everyone than a single whitening, anti-allergic toothpaste, such as the toothpaste mentioned below.

The toothpaste I bought is a gift box, and it is decent to give it away for your own use. One set is a 100g set, one is a 150g set, each box contains four toothpastes, and a toothbrush is provided, which can be used once you have it, and you don’t need to buy a toothbrush, which is more intimate.

Formulated with all-natural botanicals, this toothpaste has anti-inflammatory, soothing, swelling properties and promotes cellular self-repair. At the same time, it can also intelligently care for and restore the balance of oral flora, with 50 years of broad-spectrum application history, everyone can use it with confidence.

In addition to the difference in grammage and price, the efficacy of these two sets of toothpaste is the same, and users can choose different sets according to their needs.

The toothpaste is white and delicate, and the smell is fragrant, non-irritating and non-irritating, suitable for most users’ oral environment. It contains micro-nano-scale hydrated silica, tooth enamel repair factor, cherry blossom extract, etc., which is safe and harmless to the human body.

Pure plant formula, mother and baby can also be safely swallowed, this I think is still relatively good, after all, some toothpaste is not suitable for pregnant women, there are bear children at home are not afraid of children moving, of course, for safety, it is recommended to use under the supervision of parents.

The difference between the two toothpastes is that the 150g has a plug-in design, a streamlined bottle that is stylish and attractive, with an opening downward for easy standing and easy squeezing with one hand.

100g adopts the traditional toothpaste design, how much to squeeze, overall is also very convenient.

The included toothbrush has fine bristles, moderate softness and firmness, easy to replace, and each toothbrush also has a protective cover to prevent the growth of bacteria when carried outside.

For users with sensitive teeth, this toothpaste differs from the principle of ordinary mechanical closure in that it uses the hardness of the dentin tubule close to the enamel to block the sensitivity from the source, and the relief effect can reach 24 hours.

In terms of mouth feel, this toothpaste is prone to foaming. Since I had an empty tooth before, I am in the filling period, and I am more sensitive to some irritating and slightly harder foods, and the lack of force is easy to cause toothache and bleeding gums. This toothpaste is used as much as possible to let the paste bubble bun stay in the mouth for 5 minutes, in order to nourish the accumulation of ingredients in the oral mucosa, accelerate cell repair, after gargling and spitting out, gum bleeding and toothache are reduced a lot, the smell is fragrant and pleasant, the fragrance time can reach one hour, and it is also suitable for use when it is on fire, and overall it feels good.

I don’t know what everyone thinks of this toothpaste? Welcome to leave your wonderful comments.

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