Marlon was prompted to give birth to 2 children, and the Dragons bought a rogue rabbit T-shirt for their son Fans: I want to see you buy a skirt for your daughter

Marlon was urged to have 2 children! Squeezed time to buy a rogue rabbit T-shirt for his son was praised: I want to see you buy a little skirt!

Ma Long is currently the most outstanding male table tennis player in the Chinese table tennis team, he has strong strength and rich competition experience, and has always been known as “the strongest man on the surface”. Even the world’s No. 1 Fan Zhendong “climbed over the mountain of Malong” after many years. In the just-concluded Budapest World Table Tennis Championships, Ma Long won his 23rd world table tennis championship, slightly inferior to Wang Nan, who won 24 championships.

However, the powerful Marlon is also a super daddy. Although the national table tennis training task is relatively arduous, Ma Long still finds time to help his son choose clothes. This afternoon, Ma Long came to the Li Ning children’s clothing store, and after picking and choosing, he still had a soft spot for T-shirts printed with rogue rabbit patterns. Of course, the dragon team finally bought clothes for their son once, naturally the more the merrier.

In this regard, the whole heart of netizens was cute, and they all said: “Daddy’s aesthetic is online, the baby has to have a bunch of clothes!” “If only the dragon team could dry the baby often, I want to see him and the baby wearing parent-child clothes!” As can be seen from the photos, the dragon team is very careful in choosing clothes for their son, and it can be seen that no matter how strong a man is, as long as he thinks of his child, he will become very gentle.

When Ma Long’s son was just born, he excitedly shared the happy news on Weibo, and couldn’t help shouting to his son: “Hello, brother! It caused netizens to ridicule: “It’s bad!” During Children’s Day last year, Marlon rushed home just after the game to spend the late Children’s Day with his son, and said while kissing the child: “The first kiss must be mine!” “

Ma Long is a rare table tennis slam in the world and the strongest “mountain” on the surface, but Ma Long is also a daddy who loves his son in life. Although he is usually very busy at work, the scene of him taking time to help his son choose a T-shirt still touched everyone. However, many netizens said: “I hope that the dragon team has another daughter, and I want to see him pick a small skirt for his daughter!” “

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