Huang Yi’s daughter’s birthday banquet exploded! The 10-year-old daughter wears a princess dress with a concave shape, and her facial features are even more embarrassing

Huang Yi’s excellent view of education makes her not only an excellent actor, but also a competent mother, and not long ago, it happened to be her daughter’s 10th birthday, Huang Yi not only held a birthday party for her daughter, but also posted a letter she wrote to her daughter, so that everyone admired Huang Yi’s educational concept even more.

Huang Yi’s daughter’s appearance has always been more embarrassing, did not inherit her mother’s excellent genes, so that her appearance does not look any amazing, as she gets older, the little princess’s facial features gradually grow, single eyelids plus some collapsed nose bridge, let her stand with her mother, but not at all like mother and daughter.

However, this time because of the birthday banquet, Huang Yi’s daughter also dressed up well, wearing the costume of a little princess, but it was difficult to see some surprise.

Princess style dress up points

Many little girls on their birthdays hope to dress themselves up as princesses in fairy tales, so that they can appear beautifully on this birthday, and for princess-style dresses, if you do not choose a style, you will wear a very cheap effect.

For the princess-style shape, skirt is the best choice of items, especially this kind of dress texture skirt, oversized skirt and skirt support inside, so that the whole skirt instantly becomes a lot three-dimensional, but also increases the sense of shape of the whole outfit.

And for such a style, if you want to wear a high-end sense of style, these two details are what everyone must do:

01 Pay attention to the balance of the design

What is the balance of the design, that is, to wear out the primary and secondary relationship of the modeling design, if the whole body is a design highlight, it will wear a visual messiness, but also increase the earthiness of the shape, but if we can ensure that the whole body has only one bright spot, we can show the advanced sense of the shape well.

The highlights of the clothes are mainly divided into design highlights and silhouette highlights, you can take a look at the princess style of Huang Yi’s mother and daughter, which is very good at emphasizing the key points in these two parts:

The design highlights of the clothes are mainly reflected in the position of the neckline and cuffs, the shape of the square neck with a circle of small lace design, which highlights the three-dimensional shape and delicacy of the neckline, and the style of puff sleeves emphasizes the princess style.

The highlight of the silhouette of the clothes is mainly reflected in the position of the skirt, and the silhouette of the umbrella skirt is matched with the skirt support inside, which highlights the change of silhouette very well.

02 Be sure to choose the right color

Princess-style skirts are generally worn in one color, so for the choice of color, we must choose the right one, choose between the basic color and bright color, and must choose a bright color, because bright color is the standard color of princess style.

But the visual effects brought by different bright colors and the difficulty of wearing are also different, take our common two bright colors as an example:

001 High saturation and high brightness color: The visual effect is more obvious, and it will be difficult to match.

002 Low saturation and low brightness color: You can take into account the attributes of basic color and bright color, and it will be relatively better to wear.

And low saturation and low brightness color, in fact, is to add white tones or gray tones in the bright colors, for the princess style, we have to choose a bright color with white tones, such as sky blue, is a good representative color.

Coupled with princess-style skirts, the generally selected fabrics are satin materials, this fabric has its own sense of luster, will amplify the brightness of the color itself, so with low saturation and low brightness color matching, will strengthen the brightness of the color to a certain extent, which can increase the bright effect of the whole shape.

Tips: For the choice of bright colors, there is another standard that everyone needs to pay attention to, that is, the modification effect of skin tone, and low-saturation and low-brightness colors will be relatively more able to play a role in whitening.

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