Xie Na’s “girl group waist” is so enviable! Fluorescent green short top with black shorts, youthful and beautiful

Xie Na’s full sense of youth is enviable! Wearing a fluorescent green top with black shorts and a thin waist is really beautiful

In fact, many people grew up watching “Happy Camp”, right? There are really too many entertainment jokes in this variety show, and it can really be regarded as the most anticipated variety show every weekend! And Xie Na also contributed a lot of laughs to us in this show. In recent shows, we can find that Xie Na’s outfit has really improved a lot, not only can make her good figure more prominent, but also can make the whole outfit have a sense of outstanding temperament.

So let’s take a look at Xie Na’s outfit today, her outfit is really beautiful!

Xie Na’s Beauty Style Award

1. Fluorescent green top with black shorts

In fact, many of us know that fluorescent color is really a very black color, not only reflected in the death Barbie powder, but also reflected in the fluorescent green.

Therefore, many girls will definitely avoid fluorescent colors when they usually dress, after all, many of us are Asians, and yellow skin meets fluorescent green can simply be described as a disaster. But there is also a situation that everyone avoids colors and styles, if you can control it, then you will definitely be very fashionable and eye-catching.

In this outfit, Xie Na wore a fluorescent green top, this top under Xie Na’s control, not only did not look rustic, but had a very fashionable feeling, and simply became the most eye-catching girl!

Because we can find that Xie Na’s skin is still very fair, so she can control this color, and her postpartum recovery is also very good, so she takes advantage of her skin and figure, so she can control this color. So if you want to try this color of clothing, girls must first think about whether they are suitable or not!

Xie Na also knows the rules of collocation that need to be highlighted.

So after wearing a very eye-catching fluorescent green top on the upper body, Xie Na wore a very versatile cargo shorts.

In fact, the color of black has always been a very versatile color, and it also has the role of highlighting the focus, so if you want to have a good eye-catching highlight, you can still try to use black shorts to match!

Second, an off-the-shoulder top with loose jeans

In fact, many times we all know that Xie Na is crazy alone, so many times we will play very hi!

But we can actually find that she is still a very good at dressing a person when she recorded the show, and in this outfit China, she used a white off-the-shoulder top to match, which instantly made the whole person look very temperamental!

The style she chose and the design of puff sleeves are actually able to meet the girly hearts of many girls!

And Xie Na also matched a pearl necklace around her neck, in fact, the pearl necklace can not only give people a very noble and elegant feeling, but also can decorate the neck, making the whole outfit look more delicate.

Pair it with black loose jeans to create a hip-hop style for the whole outfit, and a pair of Martin boots, which can make it feel very trendy!

3. White dress dress

In fact, in Xie Na’s outfit this time, it is the same dress as the goddess Athena, but Xie Na still gives people a full sense of fashion when she wears it.

In fact, we should pay attention to the fact that when choosing a skirt, white can give people a very full sense of fairy, so there will be so many girls who like it, but at the same time, we also need to work makeup and hair, so as to help create our own style.

In fact, we usually try some role play in life, so makeup and hair will be more important at this time, usually in the dress we should also pay attention to the role of makeup and hair, after all, many people in the first meeting is to see makeup and hair first!

Xie Na really seems to have secretly learned to dress somewhere, not only can make the outfit more fashionable and eye-catching, but also has improved her temperament a lot. Do you like Xena’s outfit?

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