It is 10 months old to mention the Asian K2 home, and there is too much dialect in my heart. Today, it tells all the shortcomings.

Owner one

Advantages: The price of the price, the pay-class car, the appearance is barely accept, at least a joint venture, I originally wanted to buy a domestic one, I have seen a number, I have been satisfied, I have seen a year of Malaysi Tiger to choose 2

Disadvantages: The interior is general, if it is a skin cushion, it is that I have received a stand in the radio, and there is no other now because the car is only 2 days.


Appearance: Beautiful,

Interior: The interior is all black, very likes, the brown-yellow mat of SSSS is used, I like it very much.

Space: It is wide enough, it is like this. Because I am more thin.

Configuration: When I bought it, I read the love of Okatea Cruze Front. The comprehensive price is most worthwhile. It is no choice for the Japanese goods to choose K2. If you choose, you will not regret it. Relationship

Power: Some people say meat, the automatic file has not been opened, I don’t know what. If you have a hand gear, you will be able to use it.

Control: very well

Fuel consumption: Nothing to see, but I feel that I have just started to open the fuel consumption, I recommend the provincial oil method, 3 blocks every day.

Comfortable: OK, this price is sitting stable, not shaking, noise does not interfere with the soul.

Owner two

Advantages: I like the appearance, I like it very much.


Disadvantages: Comfort is not very satisfied, it is better than imagining.

Appearance: Appearance Favorite, Multiple Daily Bank Lights 90 points,

Interior: The interior is not very good but also said, there is no leather seat and steering wheel, but workmanship is still very detailed, the interga of the central control is also very delicate, and the gap is uniform. The interior of the door and the trunk is also good, can’t see anything wrong.

Space: The space is OK, I don’t have a feeling that I am sitting up before and after. Parents sit behind the space.

Configuration: It can’t be very high, but the whole car is forth, it is considered to be worthwhile.

Power: A 1.4L engine, the maximum horsepower can reach 107, as a household car or completely enough.


Control: This price of the car is too much to control, let the oil will go, step on the brake, stop, so I will satisfy.

FRE consumption: More than 7 fuel consumption is still good, anyway, each month will make money, not much care.

Comfort: This level of car can’t be enjoyed, the seat is hard and no waist support, so that the long distance is still very tired, then there is a hanging and hard, pass a slow speed, you can drop to 10 yards or less In the past, otherwise, you really don’t want to have a car. The sound insulation effect of the car is really bad! The wind outside outside the car reaches 120 yards is really fearful.

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