Marshmallow mouse? Asus also has such a sweet good-looking

So cute!

ASUS Marshmallow Wireless Office Mouse, debut!

It has a youthful and fashionable appearance, and makes you shout “wow” intimate functional design, whether you are a white-collar worker who often sits in the office, or a variety of business travel office party, ASUS Marshmallow Wireless Office Mouse can become your icing on the cake fashion office assistant!

Stylish appearance, intimate design, occupy your careful heart!

ASUS Marshmallow Office Mouse, with a slim, rounded shape design, with midnight blue/cloud peak white and mint green/snow cyan purple two color matching, magnetic upper cover design, daily replacement is also super convenient~

On the right side of the tail of the marshmallow mouse, a hidden portable lanyard is also specially designed, so that in the need to move the office occasion only need to hang the mouse on the hand, not only calmly but also to prevent the mouse accidental forgetting, when not needed, you can stuff the portable lanyard into the internal storage of the mouse, is it a very intimate design!

As a small office mouse, the overall weight of cotton is only 56g, and the thickest part of the mouse is no more than 3cm, which is very light and portable.

And considering the epidemic relationship in the past two years, a long-lasting antibacterial coating has been added to the surface of the marshmallow mouse, which can effectively reduce the adsorption of bacteria, inhibit bacteria with an effective rate of up to 99%, and the protection of the office is instantly improved!

Wireless dual mode, long-lasting battery life, perfect office partner!

As a wireless office mouse, Marshmallow has two wireless connection modes: Bluetooth and 2.4GHz! Without the shackles of cables, you can easily unlock more mobile office scenarios.

ASUS Marshmallow wireless office mouse is also equipped with ASUS power-saving technology, with 12 months of long-term battery life, reduce the number of charging at the same time, but also avoid the embarrassment of insufficient power at critical moments, the mouse is designed with a special indicator function, green light means 2.4GHz wireless connection, blue light means Bluetooth connection, red light means that the battery is too low, this time to replace the battery as soon as possible!

Low noise, high energy, consistent quality, specially designed for office!

ASUS Marshmallow Wireless Office Mouse, is also a low-noise mouse, the key sound is only about 20dB, the volume is almost the same as the breathing sound, whether in the office, library, bedroom, coffee shop, it can provide a quiet office experience.

In addition to the sweet appearance, the marshmallow mouse also adheres to the consistent quality of ASUS in workmanship, the buttons support 10 million clicks, the life is longer, and the bottom button is supported to directly adjust the keys to support DPI, there are 800/1000/1600 three common office gear choices, fully meet the work switching of computers of different resolutions in the office scene!

How about this, does this colorful marshmallow mouse grab your heart? At present, ASUS Marshmallow Wireless Silent Mouse has opened the first pre-sale, the new price is 129 yuan, the pre-sale price is only 99 yuan, and it is not fast to charge!

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