How to get around Universal Beijing Resort? Helped you try! The Raiders take it away without thanks

China News Agency reporters: Chen Hang, Lang Jiahui, Du Yan

After three months of internal stress testing, Universal Beijing Resort today ushered in a trial run. As the largest Universal theme park, what is there to eat and drink here?

A reporter from China News Agency was recently invited to Universal Beijing Resort, from Minions to Kung Fu Panda, from Transformers to Harry Potter, starting a wonderful fantasy journey.

Below, follow the footsteps of Xiaoxin and experience the “Eat, Drink, Live, and Travel” tour guide of Universal Beijing Resort!

Line: Metro and bus can be directly reached

The picture shows the transportation guide of Universal Beijing Resort. Universal Beijing Resort Weibo

Xiaoxin noticed that Universal Beijing Resort has convenient transportation around it, with direct subway and bus access, and parking facilities that can accommodate more than 10,000 vehicles at the same time.

At present, Universal Beijing Resort is connected to Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing Daxing International Airport, Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station and Beijing South Railway Station. Visitors arriving in Beijing by plane or train can go to Universal Beijing Resort by connecting to rail transit.

In terms of subway buses, the “Universal Resort Station” of Beijing Subway Line 7 and Batong Line has been opened, and everyone can walk about 7 minutes from Exit B, C and D to the security checkpoint at the entrance of Universal City Avenue in Beijing.

The picture shows the Universal Resort subway station that has been opened. China News Agency reporter Lang Jiahui

In addition, two bus lines, 589 and T116, can also reach Universal Beijing Resort to enjoy this dream trip.

Stay: Two resort hotels at a glance of the park

During the trial operation, the two resort hotels of Universal Beijing Resort, Universal City Hotel and NUO Resort Hotel, were open to invited personnel.

Universal City Hotel features 800 unique rooms and suites, including Kung Fu Panda, Hollywood and other themes, allowing you to immerse yourself in the dazzling world of movies and overlook the park’s Hollywood Boulevard.

The picture shows the Universal City Hotel.

After staying at Universal City Hotel, you can take children to the hotel’s children’s corner, sit on the director’s chair and cartoon chair in the shape of a popcorn bucket, and dine at Universal Studios Lotus Garden Restaurant the next morning.

In addition to Universal City Hotel, NUO Resort is also located inside Universal Beijing Resort, with ample indoor space and a panoramic view of Universal Resort.

Play: Enter the park first to pass the epidemic prevention pass

Under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, safety and happiness are equally important. Before entering the park, you need to upload your identity information in advance, do a good job of temperature measurement, code verification, security check and other epidemic prevention measures, and protect your health.

The first level: undergo temperature measurement and Beijing Health Treasure verification at the entrance of the park.

A total of 22 large-scale temperature screening points have been set up at the main entrances of Universal Beijing Resort, which can be quickly measured temperature. At the same time, 80 health treasure intelligent inspection terminals are also set up to reduce everyone’s waiting time in line and facilitate quick entry to the park.

The picture shows the epidemic prevention gate before entering Universal Resort. China News Agency reporter Lang Jiahui

The second level: After the security check of the carry-on items in the security check area, accept the manual security check.

Level 3: After uploading your identity information in advance, you can choose to “swipe your face” or swipe your ID card to enter.

After passing the above three levels, everyone can enter Universal Studios Beijing to play.

First stop: Jurassic World Nubra Island

After passing through the iconic Jurassic World Nubra Island Gate, you can travel to the Jurassic era 65 million years ago and say “hi” to the velociraptors.

The picture shows the Jurassic World Nubra Island scenic spot.

There are Flying Dragon House, Flying Jurassic, Jurassic World Adventure, Jurassic Camp Project, visitors can experience the adventure based on the legendary movie “Jurassic World” up close, get up close and personal with juvenile dinosaurs, take a self-propelled glider to overlook the scenery, take an all-terrain luxury automatic system into the core area, etc.

The picture shows the Qiyu Velociraptor project. China News Agency reporter Lang Jiahui

Among them, the “Encounter with Velociraptors” project allows tourists to “meet the velociraptors” in a narrow way. With the help of the trainer, visitors can try to tame the tall and mighty velociraptor or have an intimate interaction with baby velociraptors.

Second stop: Transformers Base

The second stop of Universal Studios Beijing is the world’s first scenic spot with the theme of “Transformers”, full of cybertron-style architecture and advanced technology, allowing “tourist agents” to immerse themselves in the world of “Transformers”. Here, humans and Autobots form alliances to defend the planet.

The picture shows the Decepticon roller coaster project. Photo courtesy of Universal Beijing Resort

Among them, the Decepticon roller coaster project allows visitors to enter the body of the diamond demon and feel the adrenaline rush. During the Fire Source Scramble, visitors jump on stealth transport robots and fight to protect the last piece of Tinder Source. In the Hornet Gyron, visitors can hop on a mini-King Kong to complete a spinning test at the medical center.

The third stop: Kung Fu Panda’s land

The third stop of Universal Studios Beijing is the world’s first scenic spot with the theme of “Kung Fu Panda”. “Kung Fu Panda” fans love wisdom fairy peach tree, Mr. Ping noodle shop and peace valley….. Numerous attractions with Chinese elements make visitors feel like they have entered a dreamy oriental wonderland.

The picture shows the Kung Fu Panda theme scenic spot.

One of the most spectacular is undoubtedly the “Legend of Lights” project, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lights and shadows by ascending to the sky on a large lantern. In the Shenlong Grand Hero Tour project, visitors need to stand with Po to face the most dangerous and evil “kung fu master” in history – Tianxia.

Stop 4: Future Water World

The fourth stop of Universal Studios Beijing is the world’s first exclusive scenic spot with the theme of Future Water World.

The picture shows the Future Water World stunt show. Photo courtesy of Universal Beijing Resort

Stunts include speeding jet skis, thrilling diving, extreme dives and sensory explosions… In addition to stunts, there is also a unique themed dining and entertainment experience.

In the wandering beat project, live music incorporates a variety of performance elements, including percussion instruments. Huanqiao Island snacks offer refreshing island cold drinks and ice cream.

Stop 5: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The fifth stop of Universal Studios Beijing is a highly anticipated theme attraction – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. From snow-covered rooftops to cobbled streets, every detail recreates a truly magical world.

The picture shows the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Hogwarts Castle, located in the very center of the site, is 47 meters tall and the second tallest building in the park. Entering this mysterious building, you will leave the Muggle world and become a “wizard”.

In addition, at the Ollivander Wand Shop, the wand keeper picks an exclusive wand for a lucky visitor. Here you can also choose Harry Potter, Hermione, Voldemort and other celebrity wands. If you buy a wand, don’t forget to look for a place to “cast magic” in the village according to the map, almost every window has “Easter eggs”.

Stop 6: Minions Paradise

Universal Studios Beijing Station 6 is the world’s largest Minions-themed attraction, inspired by Despicable Me, one of the most successful animated films in film history created by Lighting Entertainment.

Minions Scenic has a fun park for the whole family to adventure together, interact with mischievous Minions, watch new shows, and experience novel entertainment.

The picture shows Minions Paradise.

The Minion Market offers visitors a great place to shop, a paradise for Minion lovers, offering a wide range of Minion products, toys, cups and clothing. Among them, plush toys combined with Chinese zodiac elements allow visitors to find exclusive toys of their zodiac.

Stop 7: Hollywood

The seventh stop at Universal Studios Beijing is the “Temple of World Cinema” – the Hollywood Scenic Area, which recreates a famous Hollywood landmark building, as well as a wealth of themed restaurants and shopping experiences.

The picture shows the Pantai Geers Theatre. China News Agency reporter Lang Jiahui

The Pantaijisi Theater in the scenic area presents the “Light, Camera, Shoot!” collaboration between director Zhang Yimou and Steven Spielberg. By simulating typhoons, heavy rain, fires and other pictures, the scenes of the movie shooting are shown, and the realistic effect is very shocking.

In addition, the Universal Splendor Theatre, which combines Chinese style and classic elements of Hollywood, will not only perform the regular stage play “Untamable”, but also have movie premieres, speeches and other wonderful special events staged here.

Stop 8: Universal City Boulevard

After a day of playing, you can return to Universal City Avenue and feel the iconic logo of Universal Studios Beijing shining under the night view.

The picture shows Universal City Avenue in Beijing.

City Avenue includes 15 distinctive restaurants, 8 themed retail and service outlets, a multi-purpose cinema, and a diverse range of retail and dining mobile vending vehicles.

Here, you can visit Mengniu Ice Cream & Milk Workshop, Chocolate Candy Shop, Universal City Avenue Cinema, and Universal City Avenue Cinema to buy a series of dolls, adult and children’s themed clothing, and various toys and souvenirs from the Universal City Store to end the day.

Note: Trial tickets are not available for sale to the public

Universal Beijing Resort reminds that trial tickets will not be sold to the public and are non-transferable, consumers are advised to be wary of false information and related risks to avoid losses.

In addition, Universal Beijing Resort will gradually open its facilities and services according to operational testing needs, and invited personnel will experience some of the attractions, entertainment facilities, performances and dining services in the theme park on designated dates.

Source: China News Service

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