Zen words that make people calm their hearts, and the sentences touch the heart

First, the happiness of life does not lie in abundance, but in satisfaction. Satisfaction is not in adding more fuel, but in reducing the flames; Desires are endless, life is limited, and how can pursuing endless desires with a limited life be satisfied? Let go of greed and pursue a simple life, and happiness can become more and more.

Second, life is in the world, and the future cannot be predicted. Luck or misfortune always have to be known until the end. Sometimes, people who are obviously very lucky are happy and miserable because of a little thing; And sometimes people who are obviously very unlucky, just because they calmly face misfortune, but get the favor of the god of luck. Therefore, the quality of life depends on the mentality. Your mentality is good, and bad things become good things; You have a bad mentality, and good things become bad things.

Third, in this life, no matter what kind of life people live in, do not shift the responsibility to others, all joys, angers and sorrows are caused by themselves. Life is an echo. Give the best to others, and you will get the best from others; The more people help, the more they get. On the contrary, the more stingy you are, the more you have nothing. More indifference, less vanity, live authentically to be comfortable.

Fourth, happiness is like drinking water, cold and warm self-knowledge, it is not a distant goal, but a process of enjoying the present. As long as you have a grateful heart, be grateful for life, be grateful for life, and be grateful for everyone who cares for themselves, happiness will be everywhere and all the time. Remember: we seek our own happiness, not “being happier than others.”

5. The Buddha said that the adversity of life, like sludge, is not a curse but a blessing for the lotus; Just like a cocoon is not a resistance to a butterfly, but a help. Every difficulty and obstacle is, in fact, a hidden blessing, a blessing from heaven. It depends on whether you face it with laughter or crying.

6. People who live a confused life are easy to be happy; People who live soberly are prone to trouble. This is because sober people see too truly, and when they are more real, their lives are full of troubles; And confused people, think less, although they live a simple and rough life, but they find a great taste of life.

Seventh, life, come by chance, go is inevitable, do its course, go with the flow.

Our understanding of the world is very limited and based on our own perspective. In fact, what is seen is not necessarily the truth, and what cannot be seen may not exist. For example, cause and effect and reincarnation, we seem to be invisible, but they accompany us silently all the time.

If you love all things, all things will love you, and this is charm. If you do not harm all things, all things will not harm you, and this is peace. If you have all things in your heart, all things will belong to you, and this is wealth. If you give grace to all things, all things will also be kind to you, and this is happiness.

10. Silence is not only a kind of rest, but also a kind of practice. All troubles come from the hustle and bustle, all pains come from restlessness. Learn to quiet yourself, immerse your thinking, and gradually reduce your desire for things; Learn to zero in on your ego and see each day as a new beginning. Stop chasing, slow down the tight heartstrings, let the heart be calm, let the wound heal, and let the soul sublimate.

11. The end is a matter of letting go. Whether it is from the brow or from the heart, letting others go is not a favor to others, but a kind treatment to oneself. In the face of the far away, the obsession and reluctance in the heart are just a kind of self-torture. Learning to let go is the true liberation of yourself. You will eventually find that the most beautiful thing in life is relief.

Mood is a river, and its state depends on its depth. Deep water is quiet, shallow water is noisy. If the heart is too small, small stones can also stir up the waves of the mood; Only when the heart is large can it accommodate the hidden reef. In life, there are not many big things that interfere with our mood. Like the waves in a river, many of them are not stirred up by behemoths. When you are well-informed, your mind will be broadened, your heart will be bigger, and your heart will be more peaceful.

XIII. True wisdom is acceptance, there is no distinction on the outside, and no opposition on the inside; Don’t fight with the sky, don’t fight with others, don’t mess with yourself.

XIV. Those who should come naturally will not stay. Not against the will, not deliberately, do not care too much, let go of obsessions, follow the fate is the best life.

Fifteen, thank the people who are kind to you, they could not have been nice to you. Forgive people who treated you badly, they could have treated you worse. Gratitude is a cultivation. Forgiveness is even more of a kind of cultivation. Be a cultivated person and cultivate a worthy life.

16. Many of life’s ordinary, dull, and mediocre lives are often attributed to one word: fear. I am afraid that what I get will be lost, I am afraid that if I turn around, I will never get up, I am afraid that I will never get up after falling, and I am afraid of my head and tail in fear, and I will not move forward. Life is a road, a landscape that takes one step at a time. God does not favor anyone, you have the courage to give up to have a chance. A gorgeous fall is better than a senseless wandering, even if it is completely defeated, it should be another feast of fate.

17. Don’t think too complicated about everything, think about it too much, and can’t figure out the heartache. Don’t hold your hand too tightly, things will break, and your hand will hurt.

One day, you will calm down, look at your story like an outsider, smile and shake your head.

19. This world is only smooth, not complete.

20. Determine the direction with wisdom, and the direction will come; Overcome difficulties with will, and difficulties will be solved.

Life gets better if it is bad enough to be bad, because it can’t get worse. Many things, persistent, just come over. Not everyone is that perfect, it’s just that you don’t see it. No matter how hard and tired you are, as long as you persist, the scenery that belongs to you will eventually appear. Life is a long confrontation, some people laugh at the beginning, others win at the end. Fate does not favor anyone, it depends on how long you can chase and how long you can hold on.

There are two realms of life, one is pain without speaking, and the other is laughter without speaking.

The three hardest things in the world are: not wasting time; Keep secrets; Forget about the harm others have done to you.

24. The tune cannot be set too high, and it is difficult to harmonize when it is high. Things, can’t do too much, it’s hard to advance or retreat.

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