How much privacy does the window leak to you?

I recently watched Hitchcock’s movie “Rear Window,” which tells the story of a journalist who discovers a murder by peeping into someone’s back window. Although it is a movie, as a home blogger, I feel the need to remind everyone:

Be sure to pay attention to window privacy!

Maybe you feel that your life is normal, you will close the curtains at night, there is nothing to be afraid of. Let’s start with a short film shot by director Jason Allen Lee.

Isn’t it scary to have this life watched? In the “high-definition” digital world, privacy violations are everywhere.

So how to ensure the privacy of the home without affecting the needs of lighting, ventilation and viewing?

The house sir is coming to the scheme~

Budget enough to change the glass

Today’s camera configuration is getting higher and higher, and a casual shot of the mobile phone may inadvertently invade the privacy of other people’s homes.

Those who feel this most deeply may be the residents of Wukang Road in Shanghai.

In front of the Wukang building, which attracted thousands of tourists, photographers used telephoto to target residents’ living balconies and windows; Later, the bow balcony became an Internet celebrity check-in point, and the 80-year-old grandmother who passed through the balcony every day became inexplicably popular.

Photographers and visitors outside the building were given satisfactory photos, but the residents of the building were troubled by privacy and the bow was forced to take off.

Bow balcony | Source: @骨子里很金牛

The residents of the Internet celebrity building cannot block the high-definition camera, not to mention that there are many residential buildings that are designed according to the minimum value of the national standard. Look at the opposite building with the naked eye,

How many people unknowingly broadcast their lives in the living room.


It’s hard to predict when windows leak privacy, but pulling curtains in broad daylight also affects lighting and ventilation, and many people don’t make floor-to-ceiling windows just to see the view?


Living room and balcony

This kind of common area of the home,

Activity is frequent during the day

If you have a sufficient budget for decoration, you can use Low-E glass

, which can not only solve privacy problems, but also ensure lighting and viewing.

Low-E glass is a metal coating based on the original glass, this film can effectively block infrared heat, while allowing about 80% of visible light transmission.

It has the characteristics of low light transmission and high reflectivity. To put it simply, you can’t see the dark side from the side with strong light. So


You can see the outdoors from the inside.

You can’t see the inside from the outside

。 But

Turn on the lights indoors at night

It is clear from the outside when viewed indoors

, so it needs to be used with curtains.

The general window glass configuration is 1 piece of single silver Low-E tempered glass + 1 piece of tempered glass. Now it is more popular to be double silver glass, on the basis of the original film layer is thicker, thermal insulation is stronger, 2 layers of glass has also been upgraded to 3 layers of glass.

In addition to protecting indoor privacy,


Glass also helps

Keep the room at a constant temperature


Heat preservation in winter, heat insulation in summer


Look at the effect of the room with and without the lights | Source:

Low-E glass has a high reflectivity to infrared and ultraviolet rays, and will sacrifice part of the light intake. Low-transparency, medium-permeability, and high-transparency Low-E glass can be selected according to the floor and lighting.

Such as living in

High-rise but close spacing

, you can choose

Low-E glass with medium to low light transmission

; Live in

For the lower floors, choose low-E glass with high permeability

to increase the amount of light intake.

Low-E glass for high-rise can protect against ultraviolet rays Source: @李疯疯

In addition to outdoor privacy, indoor spaces also have dual needs of lighting and privacy.

Like windows or partitions in indoor bathrooms, kitchens, study rooms and other areas, the demand for glass is basically light and impermeable.

Then you can choose according to your budget, needs and preferences

Motorized atomized glass, embossed glass and glass bricks

Use indoors.

Electric atomized glass | Source: Designer Wang Heng

In the case shared earlier, designer Wang Heng used one side

Motorized atomized glass

An interior window was opened for the little dark guard. It not only improves the problem of poor lighting in the bathroom, but also protects privacy.

It belongs to intelligent dimming glass, the principle is to sandwich a layer of dimming function between two layers of glass liquid crystal film, energized transparent, power off fog.

The living room looks to the bathroom | Source: Designer Wang Heng

The use of intelligent dimming glass is very flexible, and it can also be used in the living room balcony or the partition of the study and kitchen, which is also relatively soundproof. It is available though

The cost is relatively high, only suitable for large-area windows.

Water corrugated glass + sliding half window | Source: Designer Nie Qi

Embossed glass

Everyone is actually very familiar,

It is all kinds of patterned glass

。 For example, everyone now generally loves

Changhong glass, in fact, is a long stripe of pressing.

There are others

Water ripples, checkered patterns, begonia patterns, diamond patterns…

Suitable for indoor use | Source: @加加加NA

Patterned glass can be used as partitions over large areas or for windows with small areas. It is transparent to people, and the pattern is also diverse, which can meet different aesthetic requirements.

Partial pattern | Source: @加加加NA

And then there is

Glass brick, it also has both light transmission and privacy

, and at the same time sound insulation. In the case of designer Nie Qi, a study was separated from the second bedroom with glass bricks for the owner, and the two spaces did not affect each other, and also ensured the lighting of the study.

Glass brick | Source: Designer Nie Qi

Change the curtains if you don’t have much budget

In daily decoration, we use the most commonly is

One blackout curtain plus one layer of gauze curtain

。 Now the gauze curtain can achieve light transmission and opaque, and the blackout curtain can achieve full blackout, which is strong in privacy

Double curtains in the bedroom are very suitable.

Source: Designer Fan Dudu Zuoemun

But on the living room balcony, when wearing cool clothes at home, you must often pull the gauze curtains, which is more suitable than the blinds.

Otaku Sir is highly recommended

Vertical blinds

It is very private and decorative, and it is easy to clean without hiding ash

! The vertical blinds can be adjusted at any angle, isolating the outside line of sight, but also bringing wonderful light and shadow to the home, and can also receive both sides like fabric curtains.

Source: Beijing Qiqiao Tiangong Design

Vertical blinds are only suitable for large floor-to-ceiling windows, and if other windows are not so afraid of cleaning, horizontal blinds are actually more versatile.

Horizontal blinds

It is more suitable for use

Living room, dining room, study, kitchen, bathroom

These don’t require completely dark spaces,

Good light transmission and good privacy protection

For a little more budget, you can also use Shangri-La curtains.

It can be seen as the 2.0 version of the horizontal louver, which is a new design that combines electric curtains, curtains, blinds, and roller blinds.

Semi-transparent view | Photo by designer Carrie Han

Shangri-La curtains not only have the function of adjusting light, but also have the functions of anti-ultraviolet rays, sunlight filtering, heat absorption and sound absorption, antibacterial and mildew prevention. It can do it

Half sunlight and half view through

, is a good hand to create a hazy atmosphere!

Photo by designer Carrie Han

If you want to use it


, sleep has a high demand for shading, and the blades can be selected

Fully blackout fabric

, the light and shadow effects will also be reduced a little.

Easy to retract | Source: @潼潼笔记簿

There is also a semi-transparent one

Honeycomb curtain

There are two states: full down and all away

, beautiful and practical.


It is more suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, and sun rooms

These are rooms that require privacy, lighting and occasional views. If you want to use it in the bathroom, it is recommended to use a waterproof honeycomb curtain.

Light transmission and privacy are good| Source: @潼潼笔记簿

The easiest way to do this is to apply a film

With a small budget, and you don’t want to change the windows and curtains at home, there is a very simple way: apply film.

The unidirectional perspective film can visually achieve the effect of Low-E glass

, the bright side cannot see the dark side.

The effect during the day is the same as the window film,

Suitable for use in the living room, which has a good window view

。 Of course

You still need to close the curtains at night

, otherwise indoor activities will be clearly seen outdoors.

Buyer show

Unidirectional see-through film

Not only can

Anti-privacy, heat insulation

, some are okay

Filter UV rays

, which fits perfectly

The room has good lighting and is afraid of tanning

of homeowners.

Of course

Such a cheap and easy-to-use thing is not without shortcomings, and the brightness of the room will be reduced after pasting, affecting the lighting.

Reduce some daylighting | Source:

And there is

Matte film or patterned glass sticker, transparent and opaque

This sticker has almost the same effect as frosted glass, blocking the view and ensuring daylight. The advantage is that no matter day and night, or indoor and outdoor, they are invisible to each other, and there are many tricks.

Opaque | Source: @小师妹

If it is used in the living room, balcony or bedroom, it will block the line of sight, and it will feel depressed to affect the view. But

It is suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms or local windows

, does not affect the lighting, but also can protect the privacy of the family.

Simple operation | Source: @芽小院

Foil is the most economical and convenient method, and it is also more suitable for renters. The operation is simple and you can do it yourself, remember to leave 1cm more when cutting, to avoid sticking the seam~

In simple terms


Budget is sufficient, and windows facing the outdoors can be protected from privacy during the day with Low-E glass; Indoor window embossed glass, electric atomized glass, glass tiles can well protect privacy and ensure lighting.

The budget is not much, blinds, Shangri-La curtains, honeycomb curtains, double curtains are suitable for different rooms.

After moving in, low-cost renovation, film on the line.

Have you ever encountered buildings that are too close together?

Do not dare to open the window at will

Have you considered window privacy during renovation?

How did it work out

Welcome to comment and interact in the message area~



Source: Designer Fan Dudu Zuoemun

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