Men’s winter clothes that can be obtained within 200 yuan, mainly practical

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Share some practical clothes, welcome to complain…

First of all, the clothes to be recommended in this issue are mainly practical, considering my poor aesthetic vision, basically insulated from fashion, fan, etc., but it is indeed relatively close to the clothes I wear daily, especially the price… After all, I am a person who will struggle for a long time before starting with more than a hundred items, and often do not buy them in the end, so you don’t have to have high expectations.

First, the body

1. Semir [including wool turtleneck sweater] simple and warm turtleneck men’s sweater men’s knitwear sweater men

Today’s Semir is not the original Semir, but I obviously prefer the current Semir, because its price is so powerful… If Semir had been missing from previous promotions, this event would not have felt complete. Semir may be late, but Semir is never absent!

The turtleneck sweater is also one of the basic models in winter, the high neck can resist the cold wind into the neck, the warmth effect will be better, and it is relatively easy to match, can be British style or temperament, workwear casual can also hold.

2. French Montague [pure wool] autumn new soft daily casual turtleneck men’s long-sleeved men’s cardigan

This is actually a little unexpected to me, my impression of Montague is still the luxury brand that made me unattainable when I was a child, I remember that my first pair of leather shoes 10 years ago was Montagio’s, or for the civil service interview to buy it, still in my cook, at that time it also felt really expensive, and now less than 200 can buy a 100% pure wool Montague cardigan…

3. Cloth legend new letter embroidery fashion hooded hip hop men’s sports sweatshirt couple sweatshirt men’s sweatshirt men’s sweatshirt

In the past, this brand of clothes also made me feel a little unattainable, this time the price is also acceptable to me, hooded sweatshirt is also considered the basic model of autumn and winter, worn alone, as a jacket or with a jacket inside is okay, with sweatpants or jeans are very matched, and there is a certain effect of modifying the figure.

4. Cloth legend fashion new classic solid color fleece lapel men’s jacket men’s jacket men’s jacket jacket men’s coat

Fleece is a must-have item in winter, right? At least it is the most common winter clothing item in my wardrobe, convenient and warm, and easy to match, I still like it. The difference in terms of fit is generally not much, at least there is not much difference in this price range, and this one can also be considered.

5. Semir’s new spring style of casual jacket fashion brand top men’s contrast stand-up collar jacket for men

Baseball jackets are also common styles in autumn and winter, I have actually been very watery, but helplessly the baseball jacket is actually more suitable for thinner friends, of course, a muscular should be good, and I belong to the fat type… Wearing a baseball uniform will probably have a feeling of bread uniform, I have not made up my mind to start, go back and try it on to see if it works, after all, I am thinner now… Only 170 pounds

6. Semir autumn new fashion mid-length solid color jacket men’s trend hooded cotton jacket warm cotton clothing men

This should belong to the cotton coat type, which is also a more versatile one, and because it is a long coat, the warmth and wind protection effect is not bad. The inner layer can be worn with layers and will not look monotonous. Young or mature like me can also be controlled.

7. [Contains 45.7% wool] Semir 2019 spring new fashion wool coat men’s wool coat men

45.7% wool content, relatively a bit of preppy style, personally feel more suitable for younger friends, of course, just from my shallow eyes, there must be big guys who can wear a different style. I just bought a Semir wool coat last year, 98 got it, my colleagues still think it was 980 to buy it… So I think it’s okay in terms of texture.

8. [52% sheep wool coat] New tweed coat men’s classic mid-length comfortable men’s coat

The good brother Metersbonwe who runs wildly with Semir on the discounted road is also another typical example of the price so good that people can’t help chopping their hands, don’t look at anything else, just look at this price, don’t buy a piece is a little sorry for their own rush ah… Not to mention the 52% wool content, and the brand bonus, this price is really, what a bicycle…

9. Semir winter warm jacket, cargo style, men’s down jacket, men’s down jacket, men’s down

Now the short down is still taken more, this down jacket filling capacity has reached close to 200g, which is now considered uncommon, especially at this price… Even in the north, or in northern China, such a piece plus a simple inner layer should be warm enough…

10, cloth legend 90 white duck down insulation warm and comfortable solid color hooded mid-length men’s coat, youth down jacket men’s down jacket

This down jacket is relatively light and thin, with a filling capacity of more than 100 grams, the shape is more handsome, and the seams are laminated, which is not easy to drill, the overall fit is very good, and the long windproof and warm effect is also good.

11. [Daily sales of thousands of pieces, sold out and not replenished] Semir winter hooded cargo jacket thick top down jacket men

The down coat filling capacity of this workwear style is higher, the starting point is more than 200g, the warmth effect is naturally better, and the workwear style itself is also a more versatile type, and the price is equally powerful.

Second, the bottom

1. Camel [Clearance Sale] Winter Korean version straight casual comfort stretch pants men’s jeans

Even in winter, jeans are indispensable, this jeans is made of stretch fabric, three-dimensional cut, straight appearance, comfort is still good, the color is more versatile, with small white shoes and clothes are easy to set up a look.

2. [Clearance while stocks last] French Montague [four-sided bullet] stylish pants men’s casual pants men’s pants

Or business casual pants from Montague, the fabric has a certain stretch, formal occasions or daily wear can be, three-dimensional cut is more comfortable.

3, camel pile thickened men’s casual pants, new comfortable warmth, sports versatile small foot trousers, men’s pants

Fleece thermal pants may sound a little low, in fact, it is still very comfortable to wear, the key is that the weather in the north can be warmer or warmer, it is really necessary to be demeanor and not temperature, you wear a pair of thermal pants inside an autumn pants is definitely better than you wear a pair of single pants to go out to the waves…

4, Romon new product debut plush business casual jeans men’s small straight men’s jeans

Fleece jeans, and they are more business-style, they are not particularly casual to wear, not too formal occasions can be, of course, the key is warm… Relatively stylish and warm.

5, cloth legend 90 down camouflage elastic waist drawstring down pants men’s warmth outside wear men’s down cotton pants men’s down pants men

Yes, you read that right, I did recommend a legendary “cotton pants”, down pants although it sounds lower, it is easy to associate with words like bloated, but it can’t hold it warm ah, in a relatively light case provides a very good warmth effect, not only down, but also the inner layer of fleece to keep warm, compared to heavy plush pants or thick warm autumn pants like leggings, down pants are still light.

6, cloth legend 90 down elastic waist work clothes corset leggings to keep warm, wear men’s down cotton pants men’s down pants men

What these down pants and the previous one have in common is that they are both leggings except that they are the same brand and are both down pants! Why tie your feet? You stay outside a little longer and you will know, the cool air comes in from the open neck, taking away all the heat from your legs (so don’t bare your ankles in winter just to be in style, aren’t you cold…). ), corset pants relatively do not have this problem, be kind to yourself …

In fact, in addition to the brands I mentioned, Senma, Metersbonwe, Romon, Camels and the like, A21, Hailan House, Jeanswest, these can also be seen for me, the price is similar, Mengtejiao, CK, these originally a little unattainable are now also in the same gear, but Peacebirds and other things that could have been seen can no longer afford to buy…

3. Shoes

1, Jordan trendy street high-top wear-resistant non-slip men’s sneakers men’s basketball shoes

To be honest, basketball shoes at this price should not be on any black technology, basically fabric or PU fabric plus EVA sole, at most add a rubber, what air bags, bows, arcs, gels, these shock absorption technologies should not be arranged, so the main thing is to choose a look you like, after all, basketball shoes in addition to looking warmer, there is an external effect is not.

2. ANTA men’s high-top basketball shoes are simple and lightweight, wear-resistant, non-slip and cushioning basketball game shoes

The same is a fabric fabric, EVA plus rubber sole, come on to your liking.

3. Jordan’s new men’s basketball shoes 2020 lightweight and wear-resistant trend sneakers

The appearance of this one is still very characteristic, with an adjustable strap, which should be regarded as the so-called functional wind?

4. [Gordon same style] men’s sneakers 2020 new wear-resistant and breathable men’s basketball shoes men’s shoes

The color of this is a little good-looking, 361 ° actually impressed me the most is the international line running shoes, this basketball shoes seem to use some technology, presumably the foot feel is not bad.

In addition to basketball shoes can be worn in winter, there are all kinds of boots, such as cargo boots, Chelsea boots, Martin boots these classic styles, at this time can come out to slip, desert boots can also be considered, although it seems to be a little thinner

5, AuCom men’s shoes 2020 winter new high-top leather shoes business formal shoes leather pile warm zipper men’s shoes

I remember that when I got married, I wore the same pair, Aucom leather shoes have been deeply cultivated in the field of leather shoes is still a little something, the comfort is not bad, the last is also more suitable for the foot shape of the Chinese, the warmth effect is OK.

6. [Water repellent] men’s classic British retro high-top men’s boots, Semir men’s shoes, cargo boots, men’s shoes, Martin boots, men’s boots

A particularly popular style, relatively speaking, it is relatively easy to bump shoes in winter, who is ugly and who is embarrassed, I am handsome I am never embarrassed. It is more versatile, easy to show the effect of long legs, dynamic warmth is also good, and it can also be water-repellent.

7, Mark Warfield 2020 new British leather shoes men’s cargo boots Martin boots men’s plush men’s Martin boots men’s shoes winter

The style of this one is a little more inclined to cargo boots, but boots at this price point you really make like unbroken cargo boots, which only means that you are in a hurry to change shoes… The main thing is this style…

8. [Warm and thick velvet] winter new fashion Martin boots men’s cargo boots men’s high-top platform snow boots men’s cotton shoes men

If the previous one isn’t warm enough, consider this plush cargo boot? Nowadays, you can often see the faces of Mullinsen and Hotwind in major shopping malls, so you may wish to try it on before deciding whether to place an order.

9. Camel outdoor 2020 autumn new men’s and women’s leisure sports low-top wear-resistant non-slip women’s hiking shoes

Hiking shoes are actually very suitable for winter wear of a type of shoes, but their functionality determines that their soles are generally harder, the warmth effect is good, but also a certain degree of breathability, I personally wear hiking shoes often in winter.

In addition, I think you are not short of little white shoes, AJ, daddy shoes and other shoes, I don’t recommend it, anyway, I recommend you will also dislike ugliness, it’s time to take them out and wear them, the shoes will break if they are not worn…

Well, this real brick post is finished, presumably everyone has countless slots that want to spit it out, spit it, this kind of enthusiasm I am used to, everyone rushes me. But let’s say in advance, young people should talk about martial virtue, and personal attacks are not allowed.

Oh, the last practice is to ask for a wave of support, likes, favorites, and rewards!

Fight with your head, think with your heart, I’m a foodie who loves fitness, digital, and action movies – torn bass, love you guys!

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