The camouflage pants necessary for men, teach you the cheats to choose, and wear them lively and full of masculinity

To say that boys want to wear some patterns on the bottom, but also low-key masculine, the proper thing that meets the conditions is camouflage printing. Although camouflage is a military element, it is also an enduring fashion element in the fashion industry, and today’s camouflage and patterns are more lively, and straight men will not be “straight” when they wear it, but quite trendy.

First, pick according to length

01. Five points

No shorts, no summer! The boys look forward to showing their calves in the summer, cool and comfortable, not too happy. But some boys are a little resistant to wearing shorts, feeling that shorts are not masculine enough, in fact, as long as the length is not shorter than five centimeters above the knee, do not wear Yu Li pants, it will not show the mother.

Tips: Five-point pants are the safest pants length, even boys with slender calves do not have to worry, with the blessing of tough camouflage prints, it can weaken the feeling of thinness, but if you don’t want to focus too much on the lower body, the dark camouflage print is more low-key, more decent than bright colors.

02. Nine points

To say that the most masculine and tough pants are camouflage trousers, especially for boys with long legs, camouflage trousers with high tops are simply walking hormones! Full of security, it is a winning weapon to attract girls. The cropped length is more comfortable, and it’s cool with canvas shoes or sneakers.

Tips: In order to avoid wearing camouflage cropped pants out of the military training instructor’s sense of sight, do not choose too light and thin fabrics, and do not choose styles with too many pleats and too dense camouflage prints. In order to be casual and fashionable, the shape of camouflage cropped pants should be appropriately looser, and more workwear elements should look more fashionable.

03. Conjoined

Want to be a little hardcore? If you’re confident in your figure and dare to take on a challenge, try one-piece camouflage pants! This kind of one-piece camouflage pants is actually not uncommon in retro workwear styles, but it still takes a lot of courage and matching skills to wear them, and you may accidentally wear them as a painter.

Tips: One-piece camouflage pants are theoretically very friendly to boys with relatively thin figures, because large areas of fine small patterns have a strong expansion effect, which can make the overall body look more “strong”, but if you want to wear jumpsuits, there are still requirements for the figure ratio, not suitable for boys with shorter legs.

Second, pick according to the type

01. Straight leg

For boys with a more well-proportioned figure, the straight fit is decent, but it is also the most practical and versatile, whether it is long pants or shorts, it is easy and stress-free. However, straight trousers test the softness of the fabric, too soft will be too many folds, look unspiritual, must be hard and stylish.

Tips: The point of the straight fit is “straight”, the fabric must be shaped to modify the leg shape, which can cover the slight O-shaped legs and make the legs more slender. But straight-leg shorts may be a bit difficult to put up for boys with flesh in the ass, and boys who are too thin may not be masculine enough to wear straight-leg shorts.

02. Loose

The loose fit is actually more suitable for summer, the trousers will not stick to the legs, more breathable, and the shorts needless to say, super cool, with slippers you can go out, casual but not handsome. Especially for boys who like workwear style, they must have a pair of loose and wide-legged camouflage trousers.

Tips: For some slightly fat boys, the pants should be looser, one is more relaxed, and the other is that the loose and expanded fit can also modify the thick legs and more rounded hips. However, regardless of fat or thin, loose-fit shorts must pay attention to the length, and shorts that cover the knee are easy to appear short and short.

03. Conical

Tapered pants are also called small leg pants that have a tightened fit on the calf, but don’t confuse them with pencil pants. Pencil pants are an epic disaster no matter who the leg is, close to the leg, the leg shape is unobstructed, very low. And tapered pants are a looser fit.

Tips: The shape of tapered pants is actually very thin and tall, tall, short and thin can be worn, but pay attention to the matching as far as possible is a wide and narrow fit, there is a feeling of shifting the center of gravity, which will lengthen the proportion of the lower body. Tapered pants are more friendly to boys with pear-shaped bodies, but the over-fit should be natural, and the legs should not be too tight.

Third, pick according to the color system

01. Green system

When it comes to camouflage, everyone must subconsciously think of the army-green jungle camouflage, which is the most classic and common camouflage, composed of four distinct colors: desert, green, coffee and black. The overall color system is army green, which is very versatile and the most widely accepted camouflage type by the public.

Tips: In fact, there is more than one green camouflage style, the more common is the dot-like composition of spot camouflage, mosaic-like digital camouflage, and the tiger pattern camouflage that has been popular in the trend industry in recent years, its appearance is similar to tiger print, more of a wild and tough guy atmosphere, is camouflage control boys must not miss Oh.

02. Blue series

Blue camouflage can add a touch of coolness to summer wear, reduce the feeling of stuffiness, and is more special, more lively than army green. Blue camouflage is mainly used in the navy, blue camouflage is not picky in collocation, but also suitable for a variety of different dressing styles, is indeed a must-have item for home travel.

Tips: In fact, boys who know camouflage know that the types of camouflage are divided into jungle camouflage, naval camouflage, desert camouflage, snow camouflage, etc., among which naval camouflage and snow camouflage are more practical and more versatile, but the color is more eye-catching, not suitable for boys with more flesh under the body.

03. Contrast color

Today’s camouflage elements have become a fashion symbol, not limited to the military significance of camouflage itself, so it is more rich and diverse in color matching, and has even become one of the symbolic elements of hip-hop and street fashion. Boys who like color can boldly try some contrasting camouflage.

Tips: Contrast camouflage can be a more alternative bright red, orange, purple camouflage, you can also try different types, different colors of camouflage collision pants, very jumpy, the rate of return is very high, but the relative top should be simple and basic, so as not to dazzle the whole people.

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