Qixi is coming, “Aurora World” accompanies you for Valentine’s Day!

The traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day “Qixi” is coming. The cowherd and weaver girl are going to meet, are you still single?

How can you “strip naked” on Qixi and spend an unforgettable Valentine’s Day with your beloved TA? Want to enjoy a romantic date, wear a couple outfit, ride an out-of-print magic weapon, and have another century wedding?!

In order to welcome Qixi Festival, “Aurora World” has carried out three major activities, including the “Shower Qixi Show Affection” event full of roses, the “Queqiao Festival” event with constant gifts, and the grandest wedding event! Moreover, there are a variety of different little games and gifts in each event, so let’s see how “Aurora World” gives you the most real romance, the best gifts, and the most beautiful memories!

“Aurora World” National War Edition Quick Download: http://www.aiaigame.com/html/list/download.html

Aurora World GM Wedding Event: http://www.aiaigame.com/gm/marrybak

Aurora World Speed Dating Event: http://www.aiaigame.com/webhd/2013/20130805/index.html

“Aurora World” Ziwu free gift: http://www.aiaigame.com/2013520/index.html#bangding

Shower Tanabata National Show Affection Activity Begins!

Activity 1: Shower Valentine’s Day Spend a romantic night together

Don’t know how to confess? Want to give TA the most romantic sea of roses and spend Qixi together? Now come to the Aurora Continent, follow the old man under the moon, grab roses, and give them to your most beloved!

【Moon Old Linfan Shower Aurora Continent】

From July 21 to August 3, the crane-haired old man under the moon, holding red silk in one hand and hanging a marriage book with a cane in the other, descended to “Aurora World”. Officially kicked off the “Shower Festival” event! Draw the thread of fate for the destined people of the Aurora Continent and build the bridge of the magpie.

On the way to walk, Elder Yue will leave many treasure chests to the world. Open the chest and get red roses that symbolize fiery love and useful game items! It’s a must-have for creating a romantic atmosphere and pursuing your loved one!

Want to find the old man under the moon? During the event time, pay close attention to the system prompts to find him! If you have a TA in your heart, don’t miss the old man under the moon in Linfan!

The old man under the moon who descended to the mortal world and the treasure chest he left behind

【Rose Sea Tactics Win the Hearts of Beauty】

On Valentine’s Day, roses must be the first choice for couples to express their love. You can give roses directly to your beloved TA. If you feel that a rose can’t show your love, you can find the “Magpie Bridge Fairy” NPC in the main city and exchange a sufficient number of roses for a bouquet of roses or a garland of roses!

Use the flower sea tactic to give a bouquet of roses and a garland of roses to your beloved! This will definitely greatly improve your success rate in pursuing a girl! The effect of a rosette makes you feel like you are in a rose garden, and red candles add a romantic atmosphere. After using the rosette wreath, your affectionate confession will also be announced in full service!

Receiving such a romantic confession and roses in the sky, will TA be moved to tears?

Want to win the hearts of beauty? Just use the flower sea tactic!

【Shower Qixi has a good gift, charm bursts with title + exclusive statue】

Send flowers to each other, and both you and your beloved TA will receive out-of-print titles with powerful stat bonuses!

Sending flowers can also increase charm points for the other party. At the end of the event, Aurora World will build exclusive statues for the characters with the highest male and female points on the server! Let all people in the service look up to your peerless demeanor!

The statue will exist for 14 days, and all players will be able to earn a lot of experience at the statue. You can only receive it once a day, so you can’t be too greedy!

“Shower Tanabata” Event Link: http://www.aiaigame.com/2014/active06/index.html#

Your own statue

Activity 2, the annual Queqiao Festival Qixi gifts non-stop!

This year’s Qixi Festival, you can not only have flowers, romance, but also get a good gift! From July 29th to August 4th, you can participate in the “Magpie Bridge Festival” event if you go to the event page!

【Hide your heart and participate in the event to get a good gift】

As long as you participate in the “Hidden Heart” in the “Queqiao Club” event during the event, you will have a chance to win practical props in many games such as out-of-print Qixi Divine Beast Magic Weapon, Out-of-Print Qixi Fashion, and artifacts. On the event page, you can get it with your fingers!

Participate in “Hide Your Heart” and get a prize!

【Queqiao meeting to grab Tanabata magic weapon and fashion】

Players participate in the “Hide the Heart of the Wings” event and get a heart index, which can help the Queqiao in “Queqiao Meeting” to build a successful Queqiao! The construction of the Magpie Bridge is divided into 5 stages, and after each stage of construction, the top three players who contribute the most to the Love Index will receive a set of Tanabata out-of-print fashion!

After the Queqiao is fully built, the top three players in the Contributing Love Leaderboard will also get the Qixi Holy Beast Magic Weapon with a beautiful appearance and the strongest attributes!

In order for the cowherd and weaver girl to meet at the Magpie Bridge, and in order to win the final prize, let’s work together!

Help the cowherd and the weaver girl meet at the Magpie Bridge to get out-of-print fashion and holy beasts

[Queqiao will be ranked in a big ranking, and the artifact holy beast is your choice]

In the “Queqiao Meeting”, did not obtain the holy beast? Never mind! Let’s take a look at the last content of the “Magpie Bridge Club” event – “Heart Ranking”!

Every time you participate in “Hide Your Heart”, you will get a heart point. At the end of the event, as long as you are at the top of the “Heart Ranking”, you can choose one of the Qixi Holy Beast Magic Weapon, the Three Kingdoms Guardian Beast and the Artifact! So many good gifts, don’t pick and choose!

Holy Beast artifact at your disposal!

Activity 3: Waltz of Love GM officiates the wedding of the century for you!

Winning the hearts and gifts of beauty is not romantic enough? Want to bring a beautiful woman home and become a fairy couple that everyone envies?

“Aurora World” in Qixi, not only prepared a romantic and gift-giving Qixi event for everyone, but also prepared a century wedding for players! It’s a little exciting to have a wedding hosted by a GM!

【Welcome Relatives – A Test of Love and Strength】

If you want to hold a beautiful person, you must pass the first test of the Qixi wedding – greeting your relatives.

15 minutes before entering the wedding venue, the Wedding Event Ambassador will be present anywhere in the Aurora Continent with the bride and bridesmaid group! This place may be the mysterious and romantic Forest of the Phantom Sea, or it may be the Floating Cloud City like a fairyland.

Welcoming relatives is risky, and the groom must be both civil and martial. Before holding hands with the bride, the groom not only has to answer the questions posed by the bridesmaids, but also deal with their eccentric requests. Whether it’s shouting “I’m a puppy” or “marriage guarantee”, do it all! Pass the review of the bridesmaids, confess to the bride and propose marriage in front of all the players, only then can it be considered a successful welcome!

Marrying a loved one is not an easy task!

Pass the test and marry the bride!

【Grab tickets – fight monsters and grab tickets for the ceremony】

After the successful welcome, the bride and groom will prepare for the big wedding. The wedding venue allows a limited number of seats to watch the ceremony, so if you want to attend the wedding in person, don’t miss the next ticket grab!

Wedding event ambassadors will refresh a batch of blue water beasts around them. Defeat these “professional scalping for 20 years” blue water beasts to have a chance to get tickets. Don’t be frightened by the chubby body of the Bishui Beast, killing them must be a piece of cake for you!

If you have a ticket, you can enter with a ticket in an upright manner! If you don’t grab the ticket, don’t worry, have a good chat with the wedding event ambassador, and you will also have the opportunity to watch the ceremony live!

Defeat the monsters and grab your tickets!

【Newcomer sends flower watch promise, red envelopes are distributed on the spot】

After the couple and guests enter, the wedding ceremony will officially begin. The emcee will ask the bride and groom to plant a flower of love and wait for it to bloom. And will ask the bride and groom to take off this hand-grown rose and give it to each other, promising to love it for the rest of their lives!

GM wedding, not only beautiful, but also good gifts to take! The NPC matchmaker in the wedding needs flowers for the wedding couple, and if you can help her collect flowers, she will give you a wedding red envelope to thank you. The red envelope contains not only flowers that can increase the atmosphere of the wedding, but also titles with attributes and props that increase experience. Raise your hand and you can get these rewards!

Help the matchmaker pick flowers, she will reward you with a big red envelope!

【The bride and groom hide and seek, find it and there is a big gift package】

There are red envelopes for attending the wedding, and after the wedding, you can play the “Peekaboo” event with the bride and groom and get a surprise package!

The bride and groom will be present at any location with the hide-and-seek ambassador. If you want to find them, search the Aurora Continent carefully! The kind bride and groom will turn themselves into giants, so that they can’t find it, it’s too much to say!

Find them and ask for a package with the event ambassador! Will I tell you if you open the pack for a chance to get out-of-print fashion? Such a great pack is a limited edition, so get moving!

The bride and groom are hiding here, come and find them!

Qixi, the entire Aurora Continent is an ocean of love, don’t skimp on sweet words, love TA must say it out loud! Let the whole server witness your love! Feel the lively wedding scene, grab the wedding red envelope, and don’t miss this romantic and fun wedding!

“Waltz Wedding of Love” event link: http://www.aiaigame.com/gm/marrybak

If you want a romantic Qixi Valentine’s Day, want an out-of-print gift, want a unique century wedding, “Aurora World” is definitely your first choice! This Qixi, “Aurora World” accompanies you to spend Valentine’s Day and boldly show affection!

About Aurora World:

“Aurora World” is a large-scale 3D high-definition fairy tale online game independently developed by Beijing Aurora Interactive. The new version of “National War Edition” was shockingly launched, subverting the traditional upgrade mode, and the unique PK upgrade, pre-transfer experience and full-level god costume rental three major systems, opening a new era of aurora battle; There are also ten thousand demon soul lamps and single-player super dungeons waiting for you to challenge. A more unimpeded upgrade experience and the ultimate thrill of battle will take you into a new era of immortal cultivation.

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