Flared pants are “making a comeback”! Master these 3 dressing ideas, fashionable to show long legs, really foreign

In the past two years, retro style has been very popular, looking at the momentum of retro style, many popular items of the seventies and eighties have once again returned to people’s vision, such as

Flared pants

When you see flared pants, you can feel the cycle of fashion, and after entering the autumn and winter, wear them

The flared pants are elegant and vintage

Just take a random photo to create amazing street photos.

Although flared pants are very good-looking, if you don’t match them carefully, you will also have a rustic feeling, and it will also lead to the shortcomings of the whole person’s leg shape being exposed.

Flared pants for everyday wear

1. Cropped pants are the most practical

In flared pants

Cropped pants are the most practical

, Just in autumn and the weather is slightly cold,

Wearing cropped pants can show the ankles, which is very thin and elongated in height

, creating a 1m8 long leg visual sense; When the weather gets colder, use the cropped length with a pair of booties to perfectly create a stylish and modern feel.

2. Split fit, fashionable and leg length

The split element is especially popular this year, whether it is skirts or pants,

The design with split ends looks thin and tall

。 Today’s modest flared pants won’t have much novelty, but

Turning the popular flared pants into a split design will visually extend the effect and look particularly thin

, can make the split part become the highlight of the overall look, after entering the autumn and winter, you can use split pants with booties, etc., which is very stylish.

3. Denim flared pants are best matched

From a fabric point of view, the most practical must be denim flared pants,

Denim has a sense of freedom and is more fashionable

, which is derived from the original material of denim, can show the characteristics of flared pants, both dashing and personal, looks more rebellious. There are many tops that can be worn with jeans, which can show a dashing and unruly attitude to life, and at the same time increase personal temperament.

Trendy matching ideas for flared pants

Idea 1: Choose wide and narrow contrast to appear thinner

Girls who have a certain understanding of dressing skills should know,

Choose a combination of wide and narrow, this rule will make the whole person look particularly thin

If you choose flared pants with a loose fit, the upper body can be completely matched with a tight and slim top, which has a sharp contrast.

But this way is more suitable for girls with a more perfect upper body can also try, the more popular silhouette jacket in the past two years, with tighter flared pants, can form a sharp contrast, with a strong aura.

Idea 2: The same color is more visible

Matching from the perspective of color, if you want to wear a sense of premium, then

The best choice must be the same color

Choosing the same color above and below can create a strong sense of atmosphere, and the longitudinal has the effect of lengthening the proportions of the body.

But simply match the same color, it is easy to appear monotonous, you can try the bag inside or hand, move the shoes, and make certain changes in the color, which can perfectly break the monotony and achieve the effect of fashion and thinness.

Idea 3: Combine complexity and simplicity

There may be many sisters do not understand how to use pants to create, the combination of traditional and simple is actually relatively simple, now most girls wear flared pants are mainly pure colors, then the upper body can try some combinations with pattern elements, you can also try flared pants with checked elements,

In the past two years, retro style has been so popular, using fashion elements for a combination of traditional and simple, there is a certain sharp contrast, but also very layered, completely highlighting personal charm at the same time, but also exerting historical skills.

Example of matching flared pants

Example 1: flared pants + booties

After entering the autumn cold, boots must be a must, choose cropped flared pants to match, the two have a good connection, in the previous introduction of the cropped is the most practical, especially in autumn, with boots in the color of the sharp contrast, more fashionable, white and brown between there is a strong autumn atmosphere.

Example 2: sweater + denim flared pants

Fashionable girls entering autumn must not miss the combination between sweaters and denim flared pants. The sweater chose the softest seahorse feathers, the toughness between the jeans is combined with each other, and when the top and bottom are tucked into the corners, the proportion of the body is optimized more perfectly, and in the choice of color, dark jeans are the mainstay, and there are certain bright embellishments and very advanced.

Example 3: suit + flared pants

After autumn, the jacket type of pieces and flared pants must not be missed, blazers, high-grade and fashionable gray blazers, with a simple bottom, the lower body to choose dark micro-flared pants with a tight design, for the calf has a good modification effect, so that the overall shape is both smart and neat, for women in the workplace, you can also try to match, more perfect to present a fashion state.

Example 4: Trench coat + flared pants

After autumn, the trench coat jacket is very different, want to create a retro modern feeling, you can use simple colors, simple khaki trench coat with white shirt and black drape is strong, flared pants above and below simple and clean, to create a sense of fashion modernity!

The effect of flared pants to lengthen the legs is very strong, after wearing it, it will have an aura and show height, and the fashion strength presented by a good match is very large.

Pay attention to the daily styling guide and meet a more beautiful self with your outfit!

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Flared pants are “making a comeback”! Master these 3 dressing ideas, fashionable to show long legs, really foreign

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