Against UNIQLO, the national brand Metersbonwe is back

At the beginning of the new year, the major fashion battlefields are about to move.

As early as last year, the PANTONE Color Institute™ said that in 2019,

Playful and uninhibited

Will be popular keywords. Coincidentally, the national brand Metersbonwe with the new Slogan “Love as You Want” on the head is hitting the bullseye or will show its strength.

Looking at Metersbonwe Spring 2019,

Gauze skirts, thin-strapped sweatshirts, trendy panels and even embroidery

Wait, full of youth elements and design careful machine, it is almost written on the brain door of the 95 and 00s.

Let’s get a closer look at the innovative design of this veteran domestic product:

Denim jacket with embroidery craftsmanship, just in the middle with softness.

A velvet-printed slip dress over a shiny yarn woolen cardigan is sweet and lively.

Color-block sports suit, full of style, clean and powerful.

With the maturity of the post-85s and even post-90s, the arrival of the post-95s and post-00s consumption tide,

(For more information, pay attention to the headline number: Quick Look at Fashion)

The change of consumer groups has pushed the upgrading and transformation of the old Milbank.

As a result, it began to benchmark Uniqlo and sharpened the brand from a single casual style to five major styles:

NEWear (Casual – Youthful)


Nōvachic (Urban Light Business – Fresh City)

MTEE (Street Hip – Not Fun)

ASELF (Mori – Simple Mori)

These five product structures almost exhaust the young consumer group, showing great ambition.

Of course, “ambitious” is not a derogatory term for brands.

In the financial report announced by Metersbonwe in 2018, the operating income in the first three quarters reached

5.547 billion yuan

, the growth rate reached


, will turn losses for several years into profits, the new strategy has begun to bear fruit.

We can’t say that these are entirely credit to Uniqlo, but there are some ways to follow them. Like what

Abandon homogeneous design and be bold in innovation

; Like what

Open up offline and online channels

, so that customers can pick up orders online and offline stores; Another example

Upgrade store fit-out

, walk a fashionable and simple style.

In any case, we are happy to see the rise of the national brand, and we also hope to go out of China to the world, which is not easy, but the future can be expected!

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