Share several Chinese style embroidered printed cotton clothes, comfortable and elegant, wearing the temperament of Mrs. Kuo

The weather is getting colder, winter is coming soon, and it’s time to start preparing cotton clothes. In winter, cotton clothing is an indispensable item, and in addition to keeping warm from the cold, you can also create a variety of different styles. Let’s share a few retro and elegant cotton clothes for you, and collect them if you like them!

Vintage Kuo wife jacket mink fur collar embroidered print women’s cotton garment

Chinese style embroidered cotton coat, comfortable and elegant. Simple real mink fur neckline design, conform to the neck curve, lengthen the neck line beautifully. Simple real mink fur cuffs and detachable fur collar for a stylish look. Vintage placket clasp for an elegant and atmospheric charm. Comfortable fit with visually high body proportions. Skin-friendly fabric, comfortable and breathable.

Xiangyun sable woolen cotton coat, cotton clothing embroidered cotton jacket

Simple embroidered cotton clothing, elegant and comfortable, with cotton to keep warm. Real mink fur neckline, highlighting the smart temperament. Simple real mink fur cuffs, easy and comfortable to wear. Vintage disc clasp single-breasted design for a comfortable fit. Comfortable fit, covering flesh for slimming and defining the figure.

Improved slim fit long sleeve tang dress cheongsam dress

Elegant and long cotton clothing, elegant, comfortable and warm. Stylish plush neckline that flatters the curve of the neck. Simple cuffs for a stylish look. Pockets on both sides for your belongings. Skin-friendly fabric, comfortable and breathable, structured and stylish.

Improved slim fit long-sleeved Tang cheongsam jacket

Fashionable printed cotton jacket, simple, comfortable and stylish. Stylish plush neckline that conforms to the curve of the neck and defines the beauty of the line and keeps you warm and stylish. Simple long sleeves and plush trims keep warm and enhance the overall sense of fashion. The vintage disc clasp single-breasted design is easy to wear and highlights the personality.

Stylish small lapels, vintage buckled fur all-in-one coat

Embroidered fur integrated coat, loose fit, thin and not bloated, soft and comfortable fabric, beautiful and atmospheric. Stylish small lapel design, smart temperament, define the neck. Practical pocket design, casual and neat, small items. The vintage buckle design of the hem flatters the figure, warm and comfortable.

Fashionable trend print, elegant crewneck, disc buckle, fur all-in-one coat

Fur all-in-one coat, stylish silhouette design, loose fit, thin and not bloated. Soft and comfortable fabric, not picky, beautiful and atmospheric. Round neck neckline buckle design, retro trend, fashion temperament. Fashion print, trendy good-looking, elegant temperament. Practical pocket for easy slip pockets for small items.

Stylish lapels, simple print, reversible fur all-in-one coat

Double-sided fur integration, soft and comfortable, beautiful and atmospheric. Lapel neckline, flattering neck line, trendy fashion. Printed cuff design, define the arm line, simple and generous. Practical pockets, easy to slip into the pocket, put small things. The reversible design does not pick a figure.

Xiangyun yarn cotton coat embroidered mink fur vintage temperament sandwich cotton warm jacket

Temperament fashion warm coat, elegant, comfortable and stylish. Temperament neckline, conform to the neck curve, lengthen the neck line beautiful. Stylish long-sleeved design, comfortable cuffs, plush trim, easy and comfortable to wear. Slip pocket design for added functionality. Skin-friendly fabric, comfortable and breathable.

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