Stylish and versatile trench coats are coming, there’s something for you

The temperature difference between morning and evening is still quite large in early spring, and a coat is indispensable, and if I had to recommend a coat item that best suits spring, it would be a trench coat. Are you ready for a stylish and versatile trench coat? If you haven’t already, let’s take a look at today’s recommendations!

1. Small people can easily handle it

Many people think that trench coats are exclusive to tall and thin girls, and short girls are not worthy of wearing trench coats?

Of course not!

This vintage lapel double-breasted trench coat is designed exclusively for short girls, and is paired with high-waisted jeans to raise the waistline and instantly create a long-legged shape. The design of the shoulders makes small children not look thin, and each design is bold and fashionable!

If you think a cropped trench coat is too personal, try this regular trench coat. High-grade non-wrinkled double twill fabric, classic amber button, simple and neat, small girls are not afraid to press height.

2. Pure color classic, fashion and eternity

Solid trench coats tend to be the most classic, because solid color trench coats retain the most distinctive features of the original classic trench coats. Therefore, compared with some other elements of trench coats, solid color trench coats are often easier to highlight temperament, and also have a unique high-class atmosphere.

An apricot long trench coat, elegant and versatile, with a white turtleneck sweater or black sweater will have a very good effect, can wear a gentle and moving temperament, tie the belt up to cinch the curve of the waist, the figure is more graceful, and at the same time more high.

A brown loose trench coat, very handsome and versatile, with a black vest and dark loose wide-leg trousers, wearing a boyfriend feeling, and the loose fit hides meat better, any girl of all sizes can easily control without pressure.

Compared with other trench coats, the white trench coat is easier to highlight an elegant and cordial ladylike temperament, very gentle and fresh, and the white trench coat is more color-oriented, the white long trench coat has an elegant and noble temperament, very unique, with a dark long dress, both gentle and moving, but also very elegant.

A bean paste color classic trench coat is also very fashionable, with a lace long dress, bean paste green with white makes the overall tone very fresh and gentle, there is a non-aggressive gentle atmosphere, suitable for girls who take the temperament lady route.

Black trench coats are rarer, so it is easier to wear personality. A black midi trench coat with white underwear and a pair of simple denim trousers perfectly combines two unique styles: cool and sassy. The use of black in a large area is visually thinner, and black fashion always has a natural high-end atmosphere.

3. Exclusive colors for spring

In the choice of trench coats, many people will mainly use black and khaki, but spring is a colorful season, how can we live up to this beauty!

The sky is as clean as the clear water blue, the gritty texture fabric is full of drape, there are no extra accessories embellishments, a belt can create a good proportion, the simplicity and high-end to the extreme, wear it, you are the most beautiful color in spring!

This one is a full score for design. Different from the traditional navy collar shoulder design, it is very British retro. The silhouette design can make you full of aura, and the atmosphere is a must-have for beautiful women!

4. Trendy and new, personalized style

Trench coats have been very popular for many years, but compared with traditional trench coats, more and more new windbreakers are emerging. Unique patterns and striking shapes are more attractive to young girls, and they are also more able to express their personality and create a unique style.

A black cropped trench coat is very delicate and fashionable, and uses splicing elements, the gray check is spliced below the waist, invisibly reshaping the curve of the figure, looks like a very thin effect, the length of the short model generously shows the line of the legs, the trench coat can also be worn as a dress, both warm and elegant.

When the trench coat meets the polka dot element, it is the perfect collision of classic and trend, a khaki trench coat is embellished with round polka dots, embellished with a unique cute atmosphere, very sweet and moving, with a doll collar shirt and checked shorts, plus a pair of black boots as the finishing touch, the whole outfit is very trendy and fashionable, and has a very unique charm.

When the elements of the splicing are applied to the trench coat, it can be mixed and matched to create a very unique charm, combining the cute atmosphere of reducing age, while retaining the classic fashion, a loose long trench coat uses khaki and beige two colors, perfect fusion of different charms, add lively elements, inject vitality into the whole outfit, refuse mediocrity, wear personality.

5. Trench coats can also break conventions

Traditional trench coats are mostly elegant and may be too mature for young girls in the workplace. But in recent years, trench coat designs have become more and more diverse, and some of the new shapes with youthful vitality have also been lost.

The mid-length trench coat with leather collar panels is playful and cute, and paired with casual trousers or denim skirts, it is casual and stylish. And don’t pick a figure, create a proper fashionista style!

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