Tall children’s suitcase Many celebrity babies are using it

If during the trip, the baby can have a very interesting, cute travel bag, can make the journey easy and interesting, the child can also take the box by himself, today I will introduce you to a few very interesting suitcases.

British Trunki multifunctional trolley case

Very cute luggage, Trunki is the world’s first mounted suitcase designed for children, combining the concept of suitcases and toy cars to make travel fun and convenient for children. The total volume is about 1.7 kg, and it can bear up to 50 kg. The generous 18-litre capacity has plenty of space for your little ones’ beloved toys and items.

The versatile strap allows small children or adults to pull the suitcase or carry it on the shoulder. Soft rubber edges protect little fingers from pinching your hands when the trunki suitcase is closed. Usually can be used as a school bag, can be carried, dragged, carried, etc. Because it is designed for children, the materials used are safe and reliable according to the European standard EN71SEP 06 and CE certification.

Littlelife children’s trolley case

Littlelife is a very famous outdoor products brand in the UK, focusing on outdoor parent-child appliances. His products are of excellent quality, very fashionable design, and reasonable functions, although they are expensive, many mothers like to buy.

This series of trolley cases, very cute, looks small, but the interior is large, with a spacious space of 20 liters, and a large pocket for auxiliary dividers to store various items. The lever can be freely retracted, and a thick sponge is added to the handle, which can protect your baby’s tender little hands. In addition, the wheels are high-density silent pulleys, which are durable and noiseless. Suitable for children aged 3-7 years.

British CUTIES super cute animal children’s trolley case + school bag combination

The Cuties and Pals is a very famous brand in the UK, his children’s trolley case and school bag backpack combination is very popular with children, many stars have his family’s product. There are graphics such as Porco Pink, Little Bee, Ladybug of the Seven Stars, Panda, Little Yellow Rooster, Penguin, Dinosaur and more. When Cindy participated in “Where Did Daddy Go,” the Porco Pink Pig appeared in the house.

The set includes a suitcase, a backpack, luggage 17 inches, weight about 1.5kg, size 30cmx40cmx20cm, handle 50cm, backpack 13″, weight about 1kg, size 25cm x 30cmx15cm. When the baby is small, he can carry a school bag, the mother pulls the trolley case, and when it is older, it can pull the trolley box by itself.

The trolley case now has many high-quality imitations in China, the appearance looks similar, the baby is also very cute on the back, but the price is much cheaper, more than a hundred pieces can be bought, interested mothers can go to Taobao to see.

Disney Lightning McQueen Kids Trolley Travel Suitcase

Do you remember the hottest little Chimi in “Where Did Daddy Go” last year? Before each event, Kimi appears with his cute schoolbag and his favorite Lightning McQueen suitcase in tow.

In addition to the same type of Kimi, this trolley case can be used for travel, school can also be used to make school bags, the box is small but can hold a lot of things, similar to the sports car design is very suitable for baby boys. Because it is specially designed for children, it uses environmentally friendly materials, tough texture, super practical! The baby can pull it very easily, of course, the mother should pay attention to the maximum weight that the baby can bear, do not stuff too many things!

Skip Hop zoo series children’s trolley cases

Skip Hop is a fashionable luxury baby brand from New York, USA, zoo series children’s trolley case specially designed for babies over 3 years old, there are four styles of naughty dog, large-billed monkey, owl and bee, size 40.5*30.5*14cm. Combining stylish, practical and cute design with whimsical details, it’s perfect for active babies.

There is a lot of storage inside, and the handle can be retracted only with retractors. The compartment has an insulated effect and an adjustable mesh water bottle strap. It can also be used as a shoulder bag, with removable and adjustable shoulder straps. Because it is specially designed for children, the materials used are also very safe and easy to clean.

There are mothers who pay attention to “Where Did Daddy Go 2”, I believe they are very impressed by it, because Wu Zhenyu’s son Feynman uses this suitcase.

In fact, a lot of things are very good to see on TV, just like where dad goes to the same style, are watching the show in the long grass, but I think it’s a little expensive, but Taobao also has a lot of the same style to buy, although the price is cheap, but after all, it’s not true, I but I really want to buy one for the baby, it’s very good.

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