The wall-breaking machine has become a hot selling New Year product and has a non-greasy healthy health year

The wall-breaking machine has become a hot selling New Year product and has a non-greasy healthy health year

The Spring Festival is approaching, and people are going out of their homes to buy New Year goods. The streets and supermarkets are crowded with people. A few days ago, the author visited various major appliance stores and learned that the wall-breaking blender, which integrates the functions of juicers, juicers, blenders and other products, has become a new choice for many families to buy New Year goods.

The data shows that since January 2018, as a leading brand of wall breaking machine, Jiuyang wall breaking machine sales have maintained double-digit growth, and in just over a month, sales have exceeded 100,000 units, setting off a new trend of health and wellness. Among them, Jiuyang vacuum wall breaking conditioner JYL-YZ05 (hereinafter referred to as Jiuyang wall breaking machine YZ05) has the most eye-catching performance.

Chinese New Year’s Eve rice refuses to be greasy, and the wall breaker meets the new needs of health preservation

In the past, during the Spring Festival, it was inevitable that people would feel greasy. Nowadays, at the Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner table, how to prepare a homemade healthy health drink for the family, or a cup of freshly squeezed juice, to live a non-greasy healthy health year, has become a concern of more and more consumers.

It is understood that the wall breaker is very good at making a variety of healthy health drinks. Taking Jiuyang Wall Breaker YZ05 as an example, this product first extracts the air in the cup before breaking the wall fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure that the ingredients are not oxidized and retain freshness and nutrition. The machine adopts a hot and cold double cup design, with 16 function menus, such as cold cup has soft fruit and vegetable juice, hard fruit and vegetable juice and other push-to-talk functions, hot cup has American ginseng goji tea, health porridge and other push-to-talk functions, and there are 100+ hot and cold health recipes. Whether it is freshly squeezed juice or healthy hot drinks, it can all be done, fully meeting the eating habits and nutritional demands of Chinese consumers.

Feng Hai, product manager of Jiuyang wall breaking machine, said: “The so-called wall breaking refers to breaking the cell wall. Jiuyang vacuum wall breaker YZ05 can not only be multi-purpose in one machine, its biggest feature is to release intracellular nutrients by breaking the wall, so that the human body can obtain a higher absorption rate. As Chinese people pay more and more attention to health, especially healthy diet, wall breakers are becoming a new choice for more and more Chinese people’s healthy New Year goods. ”

Excessive diet and excessive drinking, recommended Spring Festival wall-breaking health recipes

In view of the problems of excessive diet, greasy and excessive drinking during the Spring Festival, Jiuyang Wall Breaker recommends a series of Spring Festival wall-breaking recipes to meet the health and wellness needs of all kinds of people:

——In the face of the common problem of excessive diet during the Spring Festival, for people with poor stomach, Jiuyang Wall Breaker recommended Dendrobium with stomach nourishing function, millet red jujube pulp, Dendrobium orange apple juice with degreasy function, and white jade intestine cleansing juice. These juices and drinks can help consumers get rid of greasy and protect their stomachs.

——In the face of the problem of excessive socializing and excessive drinking during the Spring Festival, for the corresponding people, Jiuyang Wall Breaker recommended apple carrot juice and orange snow pear juice with hangover and liver protection to help consumers drink freely without harming their bodies.

In addition, for men, middle-aged and elderly people, Jiuyang wall breaker also recommends nourishing goji berry tea with nourishing liver and kidney functions. For people with weak qi and blood, poor sleep, and Baoma people, Yuling soup with the functions of replenishing qi and blood and promoting sleep is recommended.

Spring Festival entertainment is not burdensome, and the three classic health drinks are easy to make

Compared with other cooking methods, the small white style is simple and convenient to operate, which not only greatly saves consumers’ precious relatives and friends gathering time, but also retains the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients contained in the ingredients to the greatest extent, inhibits loss, allows nutrients to break the wall, and easily and tastefully rehabilitates.

To remove greasy in the New Year, use Jiuyang vacuum wall breaker YZ05 to make white jade sausage juice:

1. First, take 200g of white radish and 2-3 pieces of ginger. and wash the white radish and ginger and cut into chunks;

2. Next, put all the ingredients into the cup, add water to 800ml, and close the lid tightly;

3. Finally, select the “juice” function in the cold cup, press “Start/Cancel”, and a cup of degreasy and stomach-clearing white jade intestinal juice can be completed.

Drink more wine, use Jiuyang vacuum wall breaker YZ05 to make apple carrot juice:

1. First, take 200 grams of apples, 60 grams of carrots and 100 grams of pears, and wash all the ingredients, peel and core the apples and pears, and cut into chunks;

2. Next, put all the ingredients into the cup, add water to 1000ml, and close the lid tightly;

3. Finally, select the “juice” function in the cold cup, press “Start/Cancel”, and drink it after completion.

Nourish liver and kidney, use Jiuyang vacuum wall breaker YZ05 to make nourishing goji berry tea:

1. First, take 1 gram of American ginseng (about 7-8 pieces), 8 grams of goji berries, wash well;

2. Next, put all the ingredients into the blender cup, add water to 750-1000ml according to the taste, close the lid tightly, screw the feeding lid to “non-vacuum/hot dish”, and cover with a flip lid;

3. Finally, select the function of “American ginseng and goji berry tea” in the hot cup, press “Start/Cancel”, and wait for completion.

Jiuyang vacuum wall breaker YZ05 is simple to operate and rich in nutrients. Many consumers said that Jiuyang wall breaker YZ05 is a powerful health helper, which greatly improves their quality of life.

In addition, in addition to making health drinks for the family during the New Year, the Jiuyang Wall Breaker YZ05 has many functions, such as ground meat filling, crushed ice, making nutritious soup, etc., which has increasingly become a powerful helper for Chinese to make Chinese New Year’s Eve rice. Many offline shopping malls, supermarkets, electrical stores and other Jiuyang counters across the country have Jiuyang wall breaking machines for sale, and many supermarkets will have Spring Festival discounts, which is very worth bringing home for the New Year.

The above is the introduction and description of hot sell soup maker machine, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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