The darling of the sandals world, this is it

The shoes with the highest appearance rate of celebrities over the years, the shoes have been removed from the complicated and simple design, and they have become more exquisite

It is a classic shoe for celebrities to wear dresses on the red carpet to show off their figures

Wear it every day, it can also be handsome and neat, increase the aura

It allows you to transform into a gentle and elegant little woman

It can also protect your girlish heart

Strappy sandals with stiletto heels add more elegance, and those who don’t like stiletto heels can choose flat or block heels for higher comfort, which is also a good match

Thin legs and small feet wear thin straps with sandals, generally speaking, the thinner the straps, the more delicate and elegant the large area of bare foot skin, but also tall If your feet are relatively thin or small, choose thin straps OK

Combined with the strapping trend, a strappy strappy sandal is more chic

This year’s popular “foot choker” feeling of the foot surface with a thin strap, and the bare foot with a thick strap is also more suitable for babies with thin feet

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