How to wear it in autumn is high-end and foreign, red shirt + jeans, basic matching is also beautiful and generous

In autumn wear, many people will only buy knitwear, the style of rotten street is still easy to collide, it is better to try the basics, choose the right color can also wear a sense of fashion!

This dress blogger, she chose a red short-sleeved shirt for her top, and the Polo neck design is more delicate to wear, and it can also define the line of the shoulder and neck. The sleeves of this shirt are slightly longer, and there is a little puff sleeve design, which is very thin to wear, and the fabric is relatively soft and comfortable to wear.

There are many styles and colors of shirts, and it is effective to choose the color that suits you best, like this dress blogger, she chose a dark red shirt, this color is relatively dark, it will not be very conspicuous to wear, but also very white, the whole person is particularly temperamental.

The lower body is casually matched with a pair of high-waisted jeans, and the straight fit is very straight and slim to wear, which can well modify your leg shape, and it is sexy and feminine to wear. The length of the pants is also just right, just up to the ankle, and it will not be too long to wear, even for small girls.

A basic shirt, paired with jeans, can also be worn with a sense of fashion. In the choice of shoes, you can choose a pair of leather black shoes to match, or you can choose a pair of pointed heels to wear tall and thin.

This single shoe is leather and has a slightly increased design, which can be worn to a certain extent. The upper also has some chain designs that break the dullness of black and add some sense of design. If you go out daily, you can carry a small leather square bag, and the bag surface has a round decoration, which is more temperamental to carry.

Dressing like this is not only comfortable to wear, but also very good-looking, if worn in autumn, it is also more versatile, if the autumn morning is cold, you can feel free to match a blazer can be matched, like this outfit is more suitable for girls around 20 years old.

The same is the matching of shirts, you can also match a skirt, this shirt is a V-neck design, but also has a lapel design, so that wearing it can not only define the collarbone line well, but also with a delicate collarbone necklace.

This shirt has some elasticated sleeves that define the line of your arms well. The loose fit is more comfortable to wear, white hardly picks the skin tone, and it can be matched no matter what color it matches.

The dress blogger chose a high-waisted green skirt on the lower body, the fabric of this skirt is cotton, it is very comfortable to wear, and her fabric is more, it is very draped to wear, if you wear it daily, you can tie the shirt into the skirt so that it is intellectual and elegant to wear.

Shoes, naturally is better matching, can be matched with a pair of retro small single shoes, or some high heels, you can match, daily outing, you can choose a shoulder bag of the same color, this bag capacity is just right, can fit some lipstick is both practical and versatile.

If you want to dress more delicate and atmospheric, accessories must be indispensable, this dress blogger chose a silk scarf to decorate, matching more temperamental. She also chose a beret with a warm fabric, which is very warm in autumn and winter.

This complete set of matching looks more intellectual and generous, and the length of this skirt is just right, which is very inclusive for small girls, so that no matter what the occasion, it is very generous and appropriate to wear.

This whole set of colors is very exquisite, white clothes with green skirts, hats and shoes color is the same color, the overall matching, will be very atmospheric. It is more suitable for girls in their twenties.

Shirts, you can also pair with denim skirts, this shirt is made of cotton and is comfortable to wear. The V-neck design shows off the collarbone line. The lower body is paired with a split skirt, and the design of the high waist makes it look tall and thin when worn. It can also be worn with a retro belt that can lengthen the proportions of the entire body.

The split design reveals the line of the calf, which is sexy and feminine to wear. If you go out every day, feel free to wear it with a pair of black single shoes or high heels, and you can also match it with a black retro clutch, and the basic pieces match the elegant temperament.

In the choice of accessories, you can choose some retro earrings with a large number of feelings, which will be more exquisite to match. It is more appropriate to wear it like this for everyday wear or when you go to work.

The sets of clothes shared with you today are elegant and elegant to wear in autumn, and they are all basic shapes, which will look better when matched.

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How to wear it in autumn is high-end and foreign, red shirt + jeans, basic matching is also beautiful and generous

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