For men, how to match the clothes of the tweed coat, what are the styles?

Autumn and winter are a good time for boys to become handsome through clothes, and point to younger brothers who can’t wear clothes; Without further ado, start today’s sharing :

LOOK1⃣️: Long tweed jacket ➕ shirt + bottom

The woolen coat is actually a better matching item, and different items will have different effects, this set of shirts and turtleneck undershirts I matched, the overall look will be more Korean

LOOK️2⃣: Tweed coat ten turtleneck sweater

Tweed is also a piece that boys will wear more in autumn and winter in addition to cotton clothes and down, and the most classic match must be a turtleneck sweater, generally with a turtleneck sweater will be Korean warm male style

LOOK️3⃣: Tweed jacket ➕ dark coffee color undershirt

When it comes to tweed coats, you may think of Uniqlo, but the tall one may be a little small, like this piece The fit is relatively loose, and I deliberately picked a pair of small leather shoes to match when matching; Overall comparison trend, fashion;

LOOK️4⃣: Tweed coat ➕ white sweatshirt ➕ jeans

Whether the autumn and winter sweatshirt is worn alone, or underwear, there must be a basic good match; Pair it with a yellow tweed coat ➕ and black jeans; Pair it with a pair of daddy shoes; Simply Korean style

Layering suits: casual trend

LOOK️5⃣: Tweed jacket ➕ suit suit

Winter anti-cold matching, the northeast region should be able to get this set of good wearing trend matching, with some suits to mix and match, not only warm, but also the visual effect is also very nice;

Today’s 5 sets of LOOK, the sharing is here, I hope you will like it, and I hope it will be helpful to you!!!!!

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