Oh, my God! These five fairy and fluttering cardigans are also too good to wear

Good evening everyone, I’m Fumiko~

This time is really too hot, Wen Zi feels that you can also turn black without going out, it’s too terrible, the sisters who go out must remember to do a good job of sun protection Oh ~, Wen Zi recommends five sunscreen cardigans for you.

1. Lazy polo shirt

Sunscreen salt system

Polo shirt

Lazy style thin style, it will not be hot to wear, sisters focus on also

Sun protection

! The matching suspender will not be worn through inside, and it will also look good.

Slouchy polo shirt

2. French chic cardigan

The second one is a shirt, a bit of an ink painting feeling, this sunscreen shirt to wear

It won’t be very thorough

, sisters its fabric is very


Oh, and it’s a French chic top.

French cardigan jacket

3. Simple thin shirt

The third is a comparison


The shirt is also suitable for summer wear,


Sun protection, a gust of wind blowing through the clothes will be a refreshing feeling, cool, although simple, but look young and beautiful.

Simple sunscreen shirt

4. Sunscreen ice silk chiffon jacket

The fourth paragraph is:

The ice silk chiffon shirt, the cardigan design with a rope on both sides of the cardigan is very designed, and if you look at it from the side, it will be

Show leg length

This. I like that the chiffon fabric doesn’t get hot.

Sunscreen chiffon ice silk shirt

5. Niche design chiffon cardigan

The last one is my favorite sunscreen shirt, too


material, whether it’s the overall fit of this sunscreen shirt or


It’s all very good, because Wenzi also has one, it’s very comfortable to wear, and it’s not stuffy at all.

Niche design cardigan

These five cardigans for sun protection are layered directly underneath

Small sling

Come and wear, temperament, girly feeling, summer breath will all be revealed. Whether you go to the beach or to various places with beautiful scenery~

Well, the sharing of this issue is here first~, we’ll see you in the next issue.


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