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Home Carnival

Year-round courtesy days

Right on this day

Annual Double 11

It’s not just an e-commerce carnival

It is also a feast for home improvement benefits

HomeFUN launches 4 benefits

Start the Home Buying Carnival!

Benefit one






Don’t have enough money to decorate?

Loans with interest?

HomeFUN now launches renovation loan discount service!

You loan, I discount!

Specific subsidy methods –

If you order a home FUN package or soft decoration package through the loan service, you can get the home FUN discount service.

The specific amount is subject to the amount of your final FUN package, and the interest-free duration: 1 year

Warm reminder: If you choose 1 year as the repayment period, you can achieve real 0 interest decoration loan service!

You can choose the official FUN cooperative bank, China Minsheng Bank or Bank of China, which will be served by banking professionals, or you can choose your own bank, then bring the loan agreement to be reviewed by Home FUN, please consult your home consultant or home FUN home consultant for specific rules.

Benefit II





11.11 yuan to grab 1111 yuan cash expansion coupon

Expand 100 times!

Don’t play complicated calculations, return to purity, double the joy!

The coupon can be used after successful purchase, limited to the first 111 users

Use time: 2021.11.01-2021.11.30

Scope of use: Home FUN package or soft decoration package

Rules of use: This coupon is limited to one per household, and each package can only be used in one piece, and cannot be used on top of each other

Bonus Easter Egg Benefits: This coupon can be enjoyed at the same time as the above discount policy!

Benefit three



On the occasion of this home decoration carnival season, Home FUN faces all Hongyang owners, and specially launches 9 sets of whole house soft decoration special packages, the price is between 14999-22999 yuan, for you to choose!


Baikal set

Original price ¥34999


Boutique Nordic

Santorini Set

Modern simplicity


Intermezzo set

Original price ¥37399


For more sets, please go to “Home FUN” for details, enter the package purchase page for details, Nordic, modern, light luxury a variety of home styles to choose from.

It is hereby declared:

The special package launched by Home FUN is not a “discount promotional item” or “defective product treatment special” in the traditional sense, but a combination of brand resources and carefully selected by the designer, while ensuring the price advantage, it also maintains the design aesthetic of style matching, and also has the guarantee of brand quality.

Whether you want to update the soft decoration of your home, or want to buy a complete set of aesthetic soft decoration within your budget, the soft decoration special package launched by Home FUN is your best choice!

Benefit IV






In order to add a channel and window for interaction with users, this account has recently opened the message function

Welcome to interact and express your comments and suggestions

HomeFUN will greatly value your feedback and leave a message

This time, I also took this opportunity to launch an interactive small activity——

Leave a message at the bottom of the article and tell us what your heart looks like

Or your favorite home style~

Example: My favorite home style is the refined light luxury

Leave your answer in the comment section

Invite your friends to like it

11 users who have 11 likes and the first 11 who have achieved their goal

You will receive a home gift from Home FUN

Butterfly pillows or INS photo frames delivered to your home by our free shipping!

At that time, we will leave a message to reply to you to confirm the prize, and quickly leave a message to interact and get a gift~

1 heart and 1 intention to send surprises

1 heart and 1 will

1 heart 1 heart to do service

This is our sincere gift from Double 11

It is also a must-see offer for your Double 11

Come and join the Home Carnival!

Customer service hotline: 400-025-0067

Company address: No. 48, North Bridge Road, Pukou District, Nanjing

Want to know about FUN products, prices, events or offers

Please consult each project home purchase consultant directly

Or leave a message in the background of the official account










Original price ¥34999


Modern simplicity

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