The new care of the Queen Mother of Cambodia! The lace shawl exposes the girl’s heart and is more elegant than the 95-year-old Queen

On November 19, local time, the official social platform of the Cambodian royal family posted two recent photos of Empress Monilier. Empress Moniliet remains

Maintain a high standard of dress and elegant behavior

, it can be said that the Queen Mother Moniliet is completely comparable to the 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

Look1.Analysis of the outfit of the Queen Mother Monire

Because it is all bust photos, you can only see Empress Moniliet wearing a white T-shirt, and the solid color style is simple and generous, without any embellishment of color and elements. The sleeves less than the elbows were the most regular short sleeves, and the wide sleeves covered the arms of Empress Monire, looking very thin and fluid.

Empress Monilie’s shoulders are draped with a shawl, lace prints and lace, showing the girlish heart of Empress Monilet, no matter how old a woman is, there will be a little princess who has never aged in her heart.

Don’t look at the Empress Monilie’s hair has long been gray, there is no half black hair, but she is full of elegant and dignified her, and her side face can still see the grace of her youth, after all, the Empress Moniliet back then

Crowned with “Asian Queen of Beauty”

of titles.

Empress Moniliet loves the same color matching,

Simple and generous dressing techniques hide the flesh and show thinness, and you generally can’t go wrong

Even novice Xiaobai can easily control the same color match, not to mention a senior hipster like Empress Monilet, who naturally uses the same color to bring out an elegant temperament.

Look2.Analysis of Empress Monilie’s other outfits

01. Demonstration of matching with the same color

Mysterious purple color

Empress Moniliet wore traditional Cambodian clothing, mainly slim shirts and straight skirts, and when it collided with deep purple, it easily brought out the outstanding temperament of Empress Monire. The shirt is close to the curve of the Empress Monirie’s figure, and the elastic and moderate shape not only outlines the slender waist of the Empress Dowager Monilet, but also the waist-hip ratio is very eye-catching, and the proportion of the large palm highlights the wonderful figure of the Empress Dowager Monilet, no one thought that the Empress Dowager Monilet could still have such a posture,

The straight skirt is really thin, hiding all the body fat of Empress Monilie, but the slightly bulging lower abdomen is still exposed in the camera, as if only this abdomen can see the true age of Empress Monire.

The straight skirt drags straight to the ground, with the black high heels of the Queen Mother Monilet, the same dark color scheme is very simple, and the color of the Queen Mother Monire’s outfit is lit up by the gray-white shawl on the shoulders, and the lower saturation modifies the skin of the Queen Mother Monire’s face, complementing her white hair, and the combed hairstyle modifies the round face of the Queen Mother.

Understated gray

The low-key and restrained gray slip skirt shows the white lining, the mid-length skirt can best define the leg line, and it also shows the slender ankle, and the particularly temperamental gray slip skirt with the gray and white shawl on the shoulder creates a sharp contrast in the picture.

02. Demonstration of contrasting color matching

Empress Moniliet wore a black and white polka-dot shirt, and the light fabric could feel very cool even across the screen. The buttons on the chest of the shirt add layers to the outfit, and the small V-shaped collar also modifies the curve of the Empress Monilie’s neck, appearing slender and smooth.

The polka-dot shirt is paired with a pair of black straight-leg pants underneath, and the fit that is wide at the top and bottom makes the body plate of Queen Monilet appear straight, though

Full of affinity, much like the grandmother in the neighborhood

。 The 85-year-old Queen Mother of Cambodia has a charming temperament! The same color is versatile and practical, and the princess in the same frame is not lost

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The new care of the Queen Mother of Cambodia! The lace shawl exposes the girl’s heart and is more elegant than the 95-year-old Queen

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