The “magic health bucket” claims to be able to cure a variety of chronic diseases, but it is not only deceptive, but also involved in pyramid schemes

CCTV News: Soaking feet with a health bucket can prevent and treat a variety of diseases, and is beneficial to 36 chronic patients such as diabetes, cholecystitis, hepatitis, etc., this kind of magical health barrel advertising, I believe many people will be very moved when they see it. However, recently, the Market Supervision Bureau of Luqiao District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, investigated and dealt with the operators of this kind of health barrel based on the clues reported, and also involved a pyramid scheme case.

The so-called holographic energy health barrel investigated and dealt with is made of wood, more than 50 centimeters high, the base of the health barrel has a foot pedal board, after the power is turned on, this wooden board can heat up, the experiencer can freely control the temperature according to the button on the barrel, the publicity indicates that there are 36 kinds of people such as constipation, obesity, fatty liver can benefit, as well as 8 major effects such as removing toxins, replenishing energy, lowering blood pressure and lipids, and preventing tumors.

In March 2017, this holographic energy health bucket appeared in a life experience store in Luqiao District, Taizhou, Zhejiang.

Mr. Yang, a citizen of Linhai: “No matter what rheumatism and joints are, they can be used. ”

Shen is the owner of this life experience store, according to Shen, there are five or six health buckets in her store, and everyone can experience it before buying. The first 8 experiences are free, and each subsequent experience is 15 yuan, and the price of the health barrel is 4980 yuan a piece.

Mr. Yang, a citizen of Linhai: “My feet are a little warm in the health bucket, and I have experienced it here three times. ”

Ms. Wang, a citizen of Luqiao: “I sat down one day, and the next day I sat and sweated out, and people are comfortable.” ”

Later, under Shen’s strong promotion, Mr. Yang and Ms. Wang were ready to buy health buckets, and Shen proposed that if they sold the health buckets in their store, they could get rebates.

With rebates, Mr. Yang and Ms. Wang each bought 4 health buckets. But after the two bought it back and used it for a while, they felt that this barrel was useless and not easy to sell. After many times of communication, Shen insisted on not returning the goods. On May 30 this year, Mr. Yang and Ms. Wang reported their complaints to the Market Supervision Bureau of Luqiao District, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province.

After receiving the complaints from citizens, the Market Supervision Bureau of Luqiao District in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province immediately launched an investigation. After investigation, law enforcement officers found that the operator of this health barrel not only had illegal acts of false publicity of health products, but also suspected of pyramid schemes.

After investigation, law enforcement officers found that barrel buyers can be divided into levels according to the number of health barrels purchased, and enjoy different levels of rebates.

Xu Jiahua, captain of the inspection brigade of the Luqiao District Market Supervision Bureau: “There are three main characteristics that meet the characteristics of pyramid schemes, the first entry must pay membership fees, the second to make money to pull people’s heads, the third bonus to snowball accumulation, the health barrel meets the above three conditions, is a typical pyramid scheme case.” ”

After the situation was basically clarified, law enforcement officers quickly began to act. In order to avoid the destruction of relevant evidence and materials, with the cooperation of the public security department, on June 26 this year, law enforcement officers went all the way to the party’s experience store and all the way to the party’s residence.

Lin Feng, deputy captain of the inspection brigade of the Luqiao District Market Supervision Bureau: “She has recorded the data of everyone who has purchased barrels from her, and then we also found a large number of purchase line charts of buyers drawn by herself in her business points, and we mainly verify and determine the elements of the entire illegal facts case through the purchase line chart and her consumer list.” ”

After investigation, at the end of 2016, Shen, the operator of Luqiao Hongtao household appliances, was developed by his online Fumou into the first person to promote Lilong holographic energy health barrels in Taizhou. Shen attracts customers to experience the store through free experience, and develops customers into downlines, and then continues to develop to the next level through downlines, and Shen gets rebates from them.

Liu Zhen, a member of the inspection team of the Luqiao District Market Supervision Bureau: “For Shen, Shen developed the second layer, if the second layer, Shen can get 1200 yuan rebate, the second layer of personnel develops the third layer, Shen can also get 1200 yuan rebate, the third layer develops the fourth layer, and so on.” ”

After investigation, this so-called health barrel is only an ordinary foot soaking wooden barrel, which does not have the function of preventing and treating related diseases at all, and all kinds of treatment information on the barrel are self-pasted by Shen for the promotion of health buckets.

By the date of the case, Shen had developed a total of 223 downline people and received a total of 113,760 yuan in rebates; Its upline Fu developed a total of 25 downline people, and received a total of 49,200 yuan in rebates. On November 5, in accordance with the first paragraph of Article 8 of the Anti-Unfair Competition Law of the People’s Republic of China and Article 7 of the Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Prohibition of Pyramid Schemes, the Luqiao District Market Supervision Bureau imposed a total penalty of 2.8 million yuan on Shen and Fu in accordance with the law. On November 9, the fine was enforced.

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