Huang Shengyi is worthy of being a wealthy wife, and her lace openwork dress shows elegance and nobility

For female stars in the entertainment industry, marrying into a wealthy family may be a more ideal destination in the minds of many people, but it can be seen from actual real life that even marrying into a wealthy family does not mean once and for all, but there will be other more pressures and challenges. For Huang Shengyi, the marriage with wealthy businessman Yang Zi can be described as a twist and turn, from the initial hidden marriage for many years, to the doubts and criticism of being rumored to be a junior, all of which have made her reputation plummet, but with the hard work of her career over the years, and many appearances with her children, Huang Shengyi is also constantly twisting and folding her reputation. Recently, Huang Shengyi lace openwork dress appeared, showing elegance and nobility, worthy of being a wealthy wife.

Huang Shengyi appeared this time in a white lace dress, the sleeveless design highlights the slender arm curve, and the white lapels bring a retro and elegant figure, and her figure is still perfect as a mother of two children.

Long hair is smooth, and vaguely seems to see the little girl holding candy in “Kung Fu” back then, because Stephen Chow’s movie became a hit, and her image in the film back then can be described as stunning to countless people.

The side face is still delicate, and the contoured curve of the tight face is very clear, it can be seen that as a wealthy wife, she maintains a good skin condition and body condition, and the dress also highlights the slender and slender figure.

Lace fabric, as a representative style of women’s gentleness, often appears in the clothes of female stars, and this time Huang Shengyi is not surprised, wearing the gentle feeling of lace.

Looking back at other looks, simplicity has become a major style for Huang Shengyi, this khaki suit is paired with a white V-neck bottom T-shirt, and the fresh and bright colors highlight the summer style.

Two hairpins pinned behind your ears make your hairstyle look smart and fresh. The design of the cropped sleeves highlights the cool feeling, and the slim feel of the suit also fully reflects the advantages of the figure.

Also a suit suit, this yellow double-breasted suit shows a domineering royal sister style, and the slim feeling and large lapel design highlight a luxurious feeling.

The fabric is wide and delicate, and the makeup looks deeper, which not only highlights the high nose bridge, but also brings a deep feeling with dark lipstick, and the long straight hair is simple and atmospheric, perfect match.

Do you appreciate Huang Shengyi’s style in this collection?

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