Physical store vs online store: change the kitchen faucet

The faucet of the old man’s house is old and needs to be replaced with a new one. I went to the kitchen and looked and it still worked.

So on the Internet, search for the same single cold kitchen sink faucet, there are really many styles, there are many manufacturers, the price is sorted from low to high, 9.9 free shipping, remove the discount, the actual payment is 6.5 yuan, not to mention the quality is good, you say it can be cheap? Place your order decisively.

But my daughter-in-law didn’t want to, so she asked me why I didn’t go out on the street to buy it, how much money could I save? Who buys and installs? I said of course my brother-in-law came to install it! The old man said, what will he do!

Return, what to say. [Anger] [Nose picking]

The son and son-in-law are really different! Every day said that raising children to prevent aging, sons eat fragrant and drink spicy, son-in-law is the life of special work.

In the cold wind, walk shopping. I hate shopping the most, what is beautiful, many stores along the way are selling food, there are small supermarkets, there are pharmacies, and there are many transfers, where are the small shops selling building materials?

At this time, find the most reliable navigation and find the building materials store. Enter the store directly ask the boss to take this style, the cheapest one costs 40 yuan., the owner speaks so badly, does not give a counteroffer, and finally wins one at another store for 25 yuan. Without further ado, below is the renderings of the installation.

Conclusion: Online shopping is convenient, the price is cheap, the service attitude is good, and the selection is convenient and fast. Returns are available within 7 days.

The attitude of the physical store is not good, and when I hear online shopping, I am anxious [slap my face], the price is more expensive than the Internet, but it is intuitive and visible, and it is difficult to return.

So, I still like online stores.

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