Liu Wen is planting grass again The most IN bread down jacket in winter is the right solution to wear it like this

On November 21, Liu Wen appeared at Beijing Capital Airport.

Alphabet sweatshirt + black down jacket + jeans, Puma sneakers + Prada backpack simple Chic.

刘雯又来种草了 冬天最IN的面包羽绒服像她这么穿才是正解

Liu Wen is bringing goods for the brand she endorses again, but every time everyone will be convinced by her planting grass.

刘雯又来种草了 冬天最IN的面包羽绒服像她这么穿才是正解

The black bread down jacket looks really warm, making Liu Wen look cute.

刘雯又来种草了 冬天最IN的面包羽绒服像她这么穿才是正解

Liu Wen’s bottoms are paired with light-colored jeans, and if you are not confident enough in your figure, you can also match them with black tights to look thinner.

And bread down jackets are very friendly to the figure, and slightly fat girls can also wear them.

Pair it with daddy shoes and white socks, clean and fresh.

刘雯又来种草了 冬天最IN的面包羽绒服像她这么穿才是正解

Every time, I will be beautiful by Liu Wen’s outfit, do you feel the same way as the editor?

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