Beautiful little things in the kitchen that will make you enjoy buying at once!

People who love the kitchen have an instinctive love for life.

This is probably because the kitchen is a wonderful place, full of smoke and human temperature. Whether it’s dancing with clanging pots and bowls or crashing into the boiling aroma of food, there’s always something magical in the kitchen to heal.

And those beautiful little things in the kitchen are also worth carefully selecting, and then spending a gentle time with our beloved things.

Without saying much, this releases the kitchen daily goodies that are blessed with both beauty and strength at the bottom of this collection maniac, so that everyone can plant grass together without stress and buy it at one time!


1. Fento magnetic knife holder ¥69

Do you often think that there are a lot of chicken and dog scraps in the kitchen? In fact, as long as you do a good job of wall storage, you will take a big step towards a clean environment, and say goodbye to the dirty kitchen! For example, with the cool black magnetic knife holder, the knife can be firmly adsorbed, no longer have to worry about the messy and crowded operation surface, safe and beautiful.

2. Smack cutlery plate ¥3.9

Loyal users single female prime-aged Xiao Zhang often dislikes the tableware box at home is difficult to use, knives, forks and spoons and chopsticks are mixed together, find a favorite tableware to pull for half a day, like this kind of classified tableware plate is very suitable for sorting fetish, practical and cost-effective, you can take it at hand.

3. Coken sealed jar ¥9.9

Glass-sealed jars are a lifetime of goodies in my kitchen, not only can they be used to store homemade desserts, jams, and keep them fresh; It can also preserve spices such as star anise, cinnamon, and rosemary to avoid moisture, and the sealed design can also maintain the aroma of the ingredients for longer.

4. Can’t tear the brown paper bag ¥42

Original home furnishing brands from two designers, the texture of washed cowhide storage bags makes people fall in love at a glance, washable, recyclable and durable quality, plus the Nordic design with full scores, ah can’t control your own buying and buying…

5. Bottle of vinaigrette ¥17

The delicate and smooth white porcelain bottle body with environmentally friendly cork is a sight to be ignored when standing by the stove, even if it is stained with oil smoke. Promise me no more giant plastic oil bottles taking up valuable countertop space!

6. Sunas trolley ¥149

Almost everyone who is decorating has revealed that they want a small cart that can be moved anywhere… Flexibility and practicality are its greatest strengths, making it ideal for chefs with limited space. When eating, you can also push it to the table to put drinks, empty plates and supplementary dishes.


7. Creative digital white cotton tea napkin ¥29

It’s a napkin, but it’s a posing weapon. The cotton material will be slightly wrinkled after hand washing, and this subtle texture with traces of owner’s use will always make people feel a little more loved.

Incidentally, the frying pan pictured here is designed by Japanese master craftsman Sori Yanagi, and the tableware comes from the classic GOA collection of Portuguese brand Cutipol.

The napkin itself has many uses, from black tape to the corners and as a beautiful decorative painting. Do you touch your conscience and say, is this not moved?!!! Anyway, I took it first!

8. Cotton canvas kitchen apron ¥58

The ritual of cooking – put on an apron.

9. American SimpleHuman sensor hand sanitizer ¥359

Fully automatic sensor hand sanitizer, although there are many similar products, but this one is the most popular thing for me is that it can accurately control the amount, will not drip, and the use experience is excellent. Every time, simply do not procrastinate, the happiness index of life rises in such small details.

10. Food waste shredder ¥1599

I believe that many people think that washing dishes is not terrible, what is scary is to scoop up a bunch of kitchen waste from the sink after washing dishes… With this kitchen waste shredder, directly installed at the mouth of the sewer pipe, any debris can be directly broken and washed away, it is simply very happy!

11. Kitchen cleaning wipes ¥12.8

Contains active agents that quickly degrease and natural plant sterilization formulas to easily clean heavy oil-stained areas, and extractable packaging is more convenient and hygienic than rags.

12. Japan SEIWA-PRO stainless steel cleaner ¥42

Everyone has encountered the situation that the bottom of the stainless steel pot is permanently blackened, and the older generation will always rub it clean with a steel wire ball, and now as long as you use this detergent, you can remove the stain in seconds and make your pot look new~


13. Champagne Kiss Golden Kiss Champagne Storage Plate ¥39

Plates are always bought, and if you want to buy, you can buy beauty.

14. Japanese ceramic plate ¥6

This group is a classic Japanese style, with a high photo rate, and four exquisite underglaze color craftsmanship, which can be seen that the workmanship is quite exquisite, suitable for fat friends who prefer Japanese style.

15. Special-shaped ceramic plate ¥13.5

A tableware that expresses the vintage texture in an old way, the surface is flat and smooth glaze, and the inside is a circle of annual ring patterns, deep and shallow. The edges are irregularly rounded lines, which have the taste of natural handmade.


16. Chemex hand-brewed coffee pot ¥298

It is in the permanent collection of the MOMA Museum in New York – it is also a coffee pot with a “background”. However, because of its beauty, many people like to use it to arrange flowers, so there is a saying in the market: every chemex cannot escape the fate of becoming a flower vessel… (Chemex: What can I do, I’m desperate!) )

17. Kasilu saucepan ¥99

Green enamel pot with log handle, a must-have for small freshness.

18. Electrolux bread machine ¥149

Don’t you all like minimalism and coldness… No thanks for this bread machine! Bake a crispy toast slice and brush it with salad dressing, it is delicious to heaven, and the breakfast of lazy cancer patients has been there since then.

19. German WMF mixer ¥479

Produced by the German high-end kitchenware brand Fortenberg, its products are already well-known, so why force this blender? This may be the only small appliance you can buy that won’t fall into dust. Complementary food, soy milk, juice, milkshake in one machine, you can also make super delicious desserts, the gospel of the drink terminator!

20. Beiding health pot ¥1298

The finale is also a long-term place in my Taobao favorites, and the function is very powerful, cooking porridge, cooking rice, stewed soup, fruit tea, yogurt. Enable external cooking and internal stewing, you can get a simple soup and rice (I was impressed by this feature!!). Those who are not suitable for heavy smoke cooking at home can be considered one, which can basically satisfy your picky stomach.

* The above items are not related to brand interests, most of them are experienced by Zaojun, and they can only share them if they think the cost performance is possible, you can also search for keywords in the name of the item at Ma Dad’s house to find more choices.

That…… I wish you a good chop.


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