The Cotton Era 2021 Fall/Winter series of bedding is new, embrace nature and feel skin-friendly cotton together

The cold breeze blowing on the street officially announces the arrival of autumn and winter, in this cool season, Cotton Times adheres to the brand concept of environmental protection, comfort and health, and creates a new autumn and winter series of bedding through insight into the sleep needs of today’s people! Refresh your senses with a gentle skin care experience that will protect your dreams in autumn and winter.

Adult combed cotton satin four-piece: gentle and delicate, pampering the skin

Gentle care is the way to get along with bedding and skin. The Cotton Age Adult Four-piece Set is made of 100% combed cotton satin fabric, which is delicate and soft, giving the skin a silky touch; It has a natural moisture content of 8%, and it is not easy to stagnate electricity in the dry season; The fresh print pattern adds a touch of vitality to winter days.

Four-piece set of adult gauze: more comfortable and soft

One set of bedding for two different experiences. The cotton era adopts gauze fabric, double-layer gauze is delicate and skin-friendly, with print design, it is not easy to get static electricity in winter; The skin-friendly and soft skin creates a warm winter atmosphere and makes the bedroom more gentle.

Adult light brushed fabric four-piece: gentle and lazy, enter a sweet sleep experience

In terms of material, tribute satin is delicate and high-grade, and the cotton era adopts the brushing process to restore the touch of natural cotton, bringing super soft and comfortable experience to the skin, which is very suitable for winter use; In terms of color, it is light and soft, with its own lazy and soft quality, combined with creative check design, making the night comfortable and quiet, helping us enter a sweet and deep sleep experience.

The light blue dream outfit, like the shimmering light of the sea of stars, brings a soothing visual experience, with a soft and sticky texture, and gives you a softness and warmth. After unloading the fatigue, throw yourself into the gentle bed, and the sleepiness gradually comes up, soft and wrapped, sweet to sleep.

Toddler gauze set of 7: Careful care, give you the experience of sleeping soundly as a child

100% cotton woven gauze fabric, light and breathable, can create a suitable sleep temperature and humidity for the baby, cotton heart futon, warm and light, so that the small body has no sense of oppression, with a cotton pillow, gently support the baby’s head, breathable without heat, better and faster sleep. Fun and vivid cartoon patterns to add to the fun.

Children’s cotton four-piece set: one breath and one breath to create a comfortable sleeping environment for your baby

Double layer gauze + double layer wrinkled cloth, one side is breathable and comfortable, the other side is soft and skin-friendly, bringing two different soft experiences; Combed cotton gauze fabric, soft and breathable, better regulate the child’s sleep temperature and humidity; The front print adopts 0 addition printing and dyeing, which is cute in autumn and stimulates unlimited imagination; The skin surface is made of a double-layer wrinkled cloth, and the wrinkled texture can make the quilt cover more close to the skin and moisture-absorbent, easy to wash and manage.

One meat and one vegetarian, the four seasons change, spring and summer have passed, in the blink of an eye autumn and winter, the chase of time has never stopped, while busy at the same time to take good care of yourself and your family, in addition to remembering to eat on time, but also remember to sleep on time. Cotton era autumn and winter series bedding, this autumn and winter gently care for your skin, give you the most sincere warmth companion, so that you can rest assured and enjoy the warmth brought to your skin by cotton.

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