It’s the season to wear plush pants again, try this combination, not only youthful and age-reducing, but also versatile and thin

Winter can be late, but it’s never absent! Temperatures have continued to drop recently, and little sisters across the country are starting to complain about how cold the weather is! Let’s stop showing our ankles when we are shivering with cold, and throw away any wide-leg pants and cropped pants! Keep warm first! Choosing plush pants is the right way! Unplush pants can’t help us get through this cold season perfectly, so “plush pants” have recently become popular.

01 Idea 1: What are plush pants?

Plush pants for many people, is a particularly familiar type of pants, in winter, many people like to plush very much, although it is similar to the pants we usually wear, but there is an extra layer of furry inside, so that everyone prefers plush pants, any type of pants we see has a plush style.

02 Idea 2: What are the skills for choosing plush pants

Tip 1: Choose light and soft fabrics

In the traditional concept, it is always believed that the thicker the autumn pants, the warmer, resulting in many people who are afraid of cold will choose thread pants, velvet pants, and cotton wool pants to enhance warmth. With the advancement of modern technology,

Autumn pants with good warmth effect are made relatively light

Even the plush style is still light, soft and comfortable to wear. The only downside is that

Cashmere autumn pants are prone to static electricity, so natural fibers such as cashmere and cotton are preferred in materials.

Tip 2: Choose a loose and comfortable fit

Knowing the importance of the material, the next step is the choice of the fit. A good fit can define a good figure. It should be noted here that many people buy it back and wear it three or five times and then leave it idle, saying that there is nothing new. It’s okay to see others dressed, it’s another thing to wear it on yourself. If I want to say whether you are fat, if not, then the fit is not selected.

The waistband should be slightly loose, just enough to hang over your hipbones

, this is the effect that pants should wear. Not only that, but these pants are also more comfortable to wear because they leave room for you to sit down.

Tip 3: Pay attention to the pants of your pants

Most women are prone to happiness in middle age, and their weight increases significantly without the same height, resulting in the original height of 160 to wear 165 pants. And this situation often leads to a suitable waistline, but the pants are too long, rolling up the legs affects the overall beauty, and it is easy if it is not rolled

Trouser legs stacked

, a large area of fabric is piled up at the calf position,

Makes legs look more curved

03 Idea 3: What are the styles of plush pants in winter

Tip 1: Plush straight-leg pants

A classic and trendy straight pants, can make you fashionable through the summer, this kind of pants are relatively loose, the width is the same, but relatively tight than wide-leg pants, it doesn’t look so dragging, it looks clean and neat, the ability to cover flesh is also very good, and the legs are long and straight, very suitable for girls with bad legs.

Secondly, there are many styles of straight pants, if it is a relatively fat girl choose dark series of straight pants, such as black gray, etc., and light straight pants will have certain requirements for the figure and matching, like girls with thick legs do not choose white straight pants, visually will amplify your defects.

Tips2: Plush wide-leg pants

Wide-leg pants have been popular since they are still loved by female celebrities. Casual and high-end wide-leg pants are tight and loose, perfectly covering the shortcomings of the leg shape, and can also define the waist, showing a thin waist and long legs. The matching effect is also very versatile, and the high-end sense of wide-leg pants and high-waist knitwear are combined to make it more textured and more capable and amorous. Wide-leg pants still have a chic femininity, and when worn, it is recommended to wear them with stiletto heels to support the extraordinary aura.

Tips3: Fluffer pipe pants

Pipe pants are also very thin and tall pants, and the styles are very versatile and fashionable. Pipe pants are a fitted style but not tight, and its hip-to-leg design is more fitting but not too close-fitting, which is very suitable for little fairies with wide hips and crotches. Leg-to-ankle pipe pants are tucked in, but not tight, and the overall shape of the pants is like a cigarette pipe, which can cover the flesh to show a thin cut and delicate neatness!

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