How do home bread makers work again?

Many friends who love baking will definitely have an experience. The bread machine purchased in a hot head does not feel good after use, because the bread made directly from the bread machine is unpalatable.

The Panasonic bread machine that my family bought many years ago is not low, but it is also 2,000 yuan smaller. But after using it a few times, it was idle, mainly because the bread made was not good and unpalatable!

During the epidemic last year, I was idle at home, pondered the function of the bread machine, and explored a set of ways to make the bread machine work, tell you. The bread made was delicious.

Method 1: Only use the kneading, film and fermentation functions of the bread machine. This is simple, according to the recipe ratio of the manual, one health to get it.

However, after the first fermentation, the dough is taken and kneaded slightly by hand to exhaust the exhaust. To add raisins and other ingredients, you can add them by hand. Then, after forming, put it in a toast box and then put it in the oven for secondary fermentation.

The oven does not have a fermentation function and there is no need to worry, in spring, autumn and summer, it can be placed at room temperature. In winter, you can also put a bowl of hot water in the oven for secondary fermentation.

Secondary fermentation is preferably when the dough is fermented to 80-90% of the toast mold. Then brush the toast with whole egg liquid, or sprinkle with white or black sesame seeds. Bake in the oven for about 25 minutes (this is the approximate time, depending on the performance of the oven you use).

Remember to preheat the oven before entering it. Then within ten minutes of entering the oven, observe the color of the bread on the top of the toast box, and when it is slightly golden, cover it with tin foil immediately to prevent baking paste or too dark color.

The picture below is the toast I made myself, cut it with a bread slicer, which is similar to what is sold in a bakery!

[Croak] [Croak]

Toast bread I made with a bread machine

Toast bread slicer

The picture above is the toast bread slicer I bought online, super easy to use and cheap!

Method 2: Kneading function

Friends who like to eat dumplings knead the dough very well with a bread machine. Go to buy dumpling wrappers in the market, although it saves trouble, but the taste is not as good as kneading the dough yourself. In addition, in order to increase profits, the quality of flour is also unassuring.

Therefore, it is very good to knead the dough with a bread machine and make the dumpling skin by hand. Especially southerners are most afraid of kneading dough, and with a bread machine to knead noodles, you can save a lot of energy.

In addition, you can knead the dough twice (because the capacity of the bread barrel is not enough, as a dough for steamed buns, it is also very good to steam the steamed buns after fermentation!).

The picture above is the steamed bun I made after kneading the dough with a bread machine and then fermenting and other steps, which is excellent!

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