Is there no pure person like Ding Zhen in the entertainment industry?

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Recently, a simple-looking ethnic minority boy, Ding Zhen, entered everyone’s field of vision, I believe you must be no stranger. A photographer accidentally recorded Ding Zhen’s life.

Then, with his clear eyes and innocent smile, he suddenly became popular all over the Internet.

Recently, it has become even more popular abroad, and even foreign media are reporting the phenomenon of Ding Zhen’s popularity on the domestic Internet.

This 20-year-old boy was even called “the most beautiful Kangba man” by netizens.

Everyone watched Ding Zhen’s propaganda film “Ding Zhen’s World” for his hometown, and they all thought that Ding Zhen was in Tibet, and said that they yearned for Tibet even more!

Netizens ridiculed Sichuan for paying the wrong thing after all! Because Ding Zhen’s hometown is actually Ganzi, Sichuan. @四川文旅 and @Ganzi Cultural Travel sent N Weibo messages in a row to prove that Ding Zhen’s hometown is Sichuan.

Now there is a popular action on Weibo #All over the country are inviting Ding Zhen#, Qinghai, Yunnan, Shandong, Hubei, Shaanxi, Heilongjiang, Xi’an Guiyang, etc. are all inviting Ding Zhen to be guests.

Why is Dante really on fire? Is it just because of appearance? Ding Zhen’s facial features are good-looking, but it cannot be said to be perfect, such as dark skin, unkempt hair and other details, these factors that look “imperfect” suddenly narrow the distance between netizens and Ding Zhen, as if he is the person we will meet in our lives.

To say good-looking people, star artists in the entertainment industry abound, their snow-white, smooth and even porous photos are good-looking, but there is a distance! The sense of distance between the public and the stars suddenly widened. Ding Zhen’s “cleanliness and purity” is rare in the impetuous present.

Teacher Yongmei also said in a recent interview: “I told the studio if I can not repair my photos, if I must repair my wrinkles, please keep my wrinkles.” Sister O also empathized when she saw this interview.

In fact, there are still many artists at home and abroad, who are not famous for their appearance, but rely on personal charm and strength to conquer the vast audience.

“Erha” Zhang Ruoyun

Many people know Zhang Ruoyun through “Heartless Mage”, in which Zhang Ruoyun and Chen Yao formed a deputy CP in the play, which still makes fans uneasy.

The phrase “Zhang Xianzong, I have a toothache” is simply too high, and it has been rated as a classic clip in the TV series.

But in the original novel, Zhang Xianzong is actually a man who is not good-looking.

Tang Shanhai, who starred in “Sparrow”, is actually an inconspicuous supporting role in the novel, but with Zhang Ruoyun’s performance, the original author specially wrote a prequel for this role!

Even the popular “Qing Yu Nian” in 19 years was actually not so optimistic at first. Because he is a typical “male frequency cool text”, it is far from the popular big heroine drama in recent years.

In the face of a group of old drama bones in the play, Fan Xian, played by Zhang Ruoyun, was not robbed at all, but left a lot of highlight moments!

Fan Xian’s role interpretation is actually more because of Zhang Ruoyun’s devotion to the role, and he loves the role of Fan Xian, Fan Xian makes him happy, so Fan Xian has not withdrawn so far.

Facing other actors in the circle, Zhang Ruoyun’s handsomeness is more cordial, as if he is the brother of a classmate in the class. In fact, Zhang Ruoyun himself said that he was not a beautiful man in the traditional sense.

And ridicule myself: I don’t look good and don’t pick any drama.

Zhang Ruoyun is a person with a very high emotional intelligence, and has repeatedly won fans with his performance in private occasions such as variety shows. In 2017, he participated in the variety show “Flowers and Teenagers 3”, Zhang Ruoyun’s gentle, careful, responsible, intimate and high emotional intelligence side was seen by everyone.

In order to earn money for the team, it is even more challenging to challenge the difficult bungee jump, and the bones reveal that charm.

Everyone knows that Zhang Ruoyun has a husky, and suddenly one day some netizens called Zhang Ruoyun a canine boy, and his symbol is naturally his dog Husky, don’t say that there is really a little similarity.

Zhang Ruoyun knew that he was called Erha and was not angry at all, but often imitated the various demeanors of huskies.

He is such an interesting and son-in-law person, and he was finally seen by people with his personal charm and strength, and he is worthy of being the treasure boy loved by Sister O!

The story of “Fan Xian” is not over yet, I believe that you will soon be able to see the wonderful performance of “Qing Yu Nian 2”.

“Dog Hwan” Yoo Junyeol

If you want to evaluate Yoo Junyeol’s appearance, it can be said that he is not a handsome guy at first sight, but if you see more, he is a handsome guy!

Don’t know who Yoo Junyeol is? But you must know Dog Hwan (Kim Jong-hwan) in “Please Answer 1988”.

“Please Answer 1988” can be described as a classic in Korean dramas, there is no complicated bloody plot, no nasty female number two, no death and disease, and it describes the warm story of ordinary citizens’ neighbors.

The most moving thing about this drama is the interpretation of those minutiae, friends eating together, my mother calling us home to eat, sending each other delicious food at home, and so on. It is as if we see ourselves as a regression of youth, especially the kind of friendship that everyone yearns for.

Kim Jong-hwan, played by Yoo Joon-yeol, looks like a boy in our youth, seemingly tall and strong, but in fact he is delicate in his mind and even a little unbrave. Originally in love with Deshan played by Li Huili, but in the end they couldn’t be together, Sister O is still very heartbroken, this kind of thing is really too real.

However, Lee Hye-ri and Yoo Junyeol were actually together outside the play, and “Dog Good CP” actually merged outside the play!

Even if Yoo Junyeol is definitely not a handsome guy in the mainstream sense in South Korea, with his wonderful acting skills in “Please Answer 1988”, Yoo Junyeol has also appeared on more big screens.

Yoo Junyeol’s performance in “Traveler” in the Korean travel variety show made Sister O more fan. The whole variety show is the story of his trip with Li Dixun in Cuba’s backpack.

The records are those very ordinary moments, the beautiful moments of encountering the rainbow, being “slaughtered” by the locals, swimming pants in the sea and being swept away by the waves, and so on. The overall structure is slow and comfortable, which is very healing compared to the fast-paced life.

Compared with the unreachable image of other artists under the light, Yoo Junyeol exudes that mature and youthful feeling.

And Yoo Junyeol is very artistic, from his outfit to his lifestyle, we can see it, and we can often see him holding a camera.

He recently opened his first solo exhibition “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood”, those moments of life are recorded, and we realize that it is so beautiful.

Many insiders also fanned Yoo Joonyeol, and Park Shin-hye posted in Instagram: “Brother Yoo Joon-yeol’s photo exhibition, what will my brother not?” The color and feel are good. ”

Kong Xiaozhen, Sun Danfei, and Zheng Liyuan sister Hua are also calling for Liu Junlie!

There are many more surprises waiting for you to dig for yourself!

“Soda” Masaki Sugata

Last year, two suspense Japanese dramas swept the Internet, one was “Your Turn”, and the other was “3 Year A Class – From now on, everyone is my hostage -” starring Sugata Masaki.

At first, he thought he was playing a weak teacher who was bullied by his classmates, but he said that all of you were kidnapped by me, and his eyes changed from that moment on.

The two opposite words of bohemianism, restraint and subtlety could be felt in him. The characters played have a strong tension, and the students in the play are also frightened.

I thought that the teacher played by Sugata Masaki was really a kidnapper, but he didn’t expect that the final turn was also warm, he hoped that the students would understand that “no snowflake is innocent during an avalanche” and reject online violence.

Sugata Masaki’s appearance is also very “controversial”, and his loved ones are full of praise for his aura, as if the man who came out of the manga has a hint of Japanese melancholy. But what about those who don’t love him, say he’s not good looking enough.

Even Sister O saw that Japan’s “Weekly Bunchun” had a list that rated Sugata Masaki as the least favorite actor in 2020, and the reason for being on the list was because it was not good-looking?! Sister O is really full of question mark face.

However, all this does not affect him to become a national god! Sugata Masaki can say what acting is like! The plasticity of the role is very high, and he has debuted for more than 10 years and participated in more than 100 works.

The debut work is the high starting point of the tokusatsu drama “Kamen Rider W”. There is an urban legend in the Japanese entertainment industry: “As long as anyone who has played “Kamen Rider” will be popular”, Oda Kirito, Ayano Tsuyoshi, Sato Ken and other first-line actors were once Kamen Riders.

Sugata Masaki’s flexible temperament has allowed him to also appear in many manga works, which can be described as a god reduction! There are “Kaizukihime”, “The Daily Life of a Boy’s High School Student”, “Assassination Classroom”, “Gintama” and so on.

Now that Japan is voting for Masaki Sugata to star in Inosuke in “Demon Slayer”, there is no need to mention the popularity of Ghost Annihilation in Japan!

But to say that the turning point in his career was definitely the 40th Golden Flying Award – Newcomer Award and the 1st Confidence Awards Drama drama – Best Actor “The King of the People”.

In this “political comedy”, Muto Sho, played by Sugata Masaki, constantly moves between “stupid” and “elite”, and when playing “stupid son”, Sugata’s exaggerated expressions and movements make people laugh, and after transforming into “tough dad”, he mobilizes every muscle on his face and performs Kenichi Endo’s style “crocodile face”, with a fierce and vicious aura that makes people have to be convinced.

Sugata Masaki is also a goddess harvester, and has good cooperation with popular actresses such as Satomi Ishihara and Nana Komatsu.

Among these various roles, Sugata Masaki gradually honed his acting skills, so that his appearance was not outstanding, and he was known as the “handsome man with a second eye”, and he stood out from the small fresh meat and became the youngest actor of the Daily Sports Film Awards.

And Sugata Masaki also has an extraordinary performance in music, releasing the “LOVE” album in 2019.

The movie theme song “Rainbow” of the recently released “Doraemon: Walk with Me 2” was also sung by Masaki Sugata, and the warm and hot singing voice once again made Sister O sink.

From Ding’s real explosion, we can actually find that people’s pursuit of beauty is not 100 points perfect.

It’s about wanting to see your own uniqueness, even if it’s not perfect.

Zheng Ruoyun, Yoo Junyeol, and Sugata Masaki are also precisely because of these “imperfections” that they stand out from the crowd.

So ah! Young people should not blindly pursue the ultimate but not real beauty, it is better to be themselves!

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