Momoe Yamaguchi wears a really good suit, and the floral dress is sweet and not rustic, and almost everyone can learn from it


When it comes to the classic item of “suit”, I believe many friends have it.

But in life, Xiaorun found that many friends are easy to wear suits rustic and rigid, especially like uniforms, so in the eyes of most friends, they feel that this is a very serious item.

In fact, suits can also be worn sweetly and daily, as long as they master matching skills, everyone can wear them well. So today,

Xiaorun will share with you the suit matching of the famous Japanese actress Momoe Yamaguchi when she was young, and wear it as such, fashionable and good-looking and classic, which everyone can learn from.

First, Yamaguchi Momoe’s suit wearing analysis

White suit with black print dress,

Momoe Yamaguchi’s suit,

Capable and sweet and not rustic.

The off-white blazer is very gentle to wear on the body

, the material of wool is high-grade and noble, and the slightly slim fit can modify Yamaguchi Momoe’s good figure, making her look very fit, and the short length enhances the waist line, looking thin and generous.

Inside the suit

, Momoe Yamaguchi layered a black printed dress, looking bright and lively

, these two basic pieces are classic “black and white matching” in terms of color, and they are versatile and timeless; On shoes,

Momoe Yamaguchi paired with black shallow single shoes, revealing slender ankles, and echoing the color of the floral skirt,

This kind of outfit seems simple, but it is actually very practical for many occasions.

Off-white suit with high heels

, Momoe Yamaguchi and friends when this outfit,

Simple and advanced without rigidity.

Off-white wear on the body is gentle and not cold

The suit shape of the suit eliminates the trouble of matching, simple and practical

。 Because the blazer is relatively slim, it is very suitable for Yamaguchi Momoe’s thin appearance, and the A-line skirt on the lower body adds sweetness, so that the suit is not professional when worn on the body.

Blue suit with white shallow heels

, the middle-aged Momoe Yamaguchi dressed in this suit,

Dignified and elegant.

The blue blazer is worn on the body with a sense of luxury

, the heavy fabric looks very expensive, and the length of the short and medium model exposes the slender calves, making Momoe Yamaguchi look intellectual and middle-aged woman;

She layered a white shirt under her blazer, which looked clean and gentle, and also played a “embellishment” role.

The addition of a pair of shallow single shoes on the feet, echoing the color of the white shirt, also gives a sense of minimalist elegance and premium.

In fact, in addition to matching blazers like Momoe Yamaguchi,

The Japanese model also gave a variety of matching schemes.

Gray blazer with black satin dress

, Japanese miscellaneous this suit outfit,

Sassy, beautiful and gentle.

Gray suits are easy to give people a sense of seriousness when worn on the body,

Without any element modification, it is even simpler;

Layered with a feminine black dress, it looks “feminine balanced”.

Not only that, the irregular design of the dress also adds a sense of fashion and playfulness to the overall outfit.


A brown handbag with a large sense of feeling as an accessory, adding to the richness of autumn,

It looks literary and advanced.

Off-white blazer with pleated skirt in the same color

, Japanese miscellaneous this suit wear,

Gentle and feminine.

The off-white blazer is worn on the body, giving people a very gentle feeling, and with gold buttons as embellishments, it looks simple with a sense of design; Layered over a blue cotton T-shirt, it is skin-friendly and gives a light and mature temperament.

The lower body, paired with a beige pleated skirt, adds the sweetness and calm of the girl

。 Such an outfit is gentle and suitable for commuting in autumn, and relatively speaking, it is very practical.

Second, tips for wearing a good suit

1. In terms of color, choose neutral color or low saturation color.

For example: black, white, gray, beige, etc., more versatile and practical.

2. Pay attention to the material of the suit.

The suit is a piece that is more suitable for the workplace in terms of attributes, so to wear it well, the requirements for the shape and fabric are relatively high. In early autumn, you can choose a light and smooth sandy fabric; In autumn and winter, you can choose wool or wool fabric, which looks elegant and high-class.

3. Learn to mix and match.

In the conventional suit matching, most of us use it to match with trousers, in fact, you can break this conventional matching method, for example, you can try”

suit + skirt” “suit + pleated skirt” “suit + jeans” … The way to match

Sometimes, mashups and mixes can often be pleasantly surprised.

4. Pay attention to the improvement of the waist line, which looks neat and clean.

5. Wear your shoes well, and you can also wear a beautiful suit.

6. When wearing a suit,

Pay attention to ironing flat

Often such small details can affect the overall visual effect.



Alright, friends! About the wearing of suits, today Xiaorun combined with Yamaguchi Baihui and Japanese miscellaneous matching formula, for you to share some matching ideas, if you like to wear suits in the fall, you can have selective reference and reference, I hope my sharing, can be helpful to you.

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