The hooded plush sweatshirt is worn underneath, plus the double hats, there is no sense of violation

LOOK1: A classic combination of black, white and gray

The combination of black and white gray in life is indispensable, if you don’t know what to wear, choose simple black and white gray. The basic striped turtleneck bottom of the upper body echoes the white raccoon dog, and the gray radish pants can pull the proportion well and define the leg shape. Of course, choose small white shoes that everyone has.

LOOK2: Blue-black color contrast

In the case that the jacket and pants are black, the blue and gray sweater is chosen as the underwear, which is not a very saturated color, but a color that can measure the overall color in addition to the color of the top that is not too eye-catching, and is a balanced and eye-catching wearing method at the same time.

LOOK3: Preppy collocation

This outfit features a bleached base sweater that brightens up the overall matching hue. Loose straight-leg blue flip-fleece jeans show your slender ankles while keeping them warm. A plaid scarf is just the right draw to make up for the shortcomings of a crewneck sweater, and with a crisp ponytail or a generous ball head, you are the focus of the campus.

LOOK4: Similar color matching

This outfit chose the two colors of army green and khaki as the main color, which are relatively similar colors, and the style is almost the same, both with a little grayscale, which is both harmonious and layered, and the whole person looks cool and warm

LOOK5: Dressing the suit

Caramel suits and army-green down jackets are a very harmonious color in color, the advantage of the suit is convenience, when worrying about what to wear today, you can never go wrong with choosing a suit. Putting on a down jacket on the outside is a fairy outfit that can bring its own fairy spirit when you go out and take out the garbage.

LOOK6: Cool girl outfit

Elephant gray army green and gray pants are worn in different shades of grayscale, which can well reflect the sense of layering. The fur on the down jacket and loafers echoes well, and the army green itself is a more neutral color, plus the gray tone inside, the cool girl with low pressure is you.

LOOK7: Matching with the same color inside

This look uses an apricot knit as a bottoms, and the oat-colored nizi radish pants are matched, but the inside is very temperamental, the caramel color of the jacket is not very dark, and it is a warm color, which increases the sense of weight and is also a clean and refreshing match.

LOOK8: Gentle and practical dressing

Layered with tonal turtleneck knits and plaid elements, these wide-leg pants are a must-have item in winter, and they won’t show off their legs when worn with autumn pants and thick pantyhose. Keep warm while taking care of the overall fashion, a must-have item in winter.

LOOK9: Age-reducing outfit for active teenage girls

A hooded plush sweatshirt is used underneath, and double-sided hats are also popular this year, so don’t worry about any sense of violation. The collision effect of blue jeans and caramel color on the lower body will make the whole person full of vitality and girly atmosphere, which is a very age-reducing outfit.

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