School uniforms of more than 900 yuan are too expensive, parents hope to be able to choose freely, Xi’an Yangshan Primary School said that it can communicate and adjust

Mr. Liu, a parent, said that most of the schools are mainly migrant children, and the family’s financial conditions are limited, and the school uniform of 918 yuan is too expensive for them, and they hope to be able to choose freely.

Recently, China Business Daily received a number of parents who reported that Yangshan Primary School in Weiyang District, Xi’an City recently notified the subscription of school uniforms, four sets of school uniforms including sportswear, summer clothing, dresses, storm jacket sets totaling 918 yuan, including sportswear 168 yuan, summer clothing 130 yuan, dress (including jackets, shirts, pants or skirts, vests) 320 yuan, storm jacket 300 yuan.

“The price is a bit high for us, especially the dress, there are not many opportunities to wear it.” Ms. Wang, a parent, said that most of them are migrant workers, renting in nearby urban villages, and they are used to saving money and spending so much money on school uniforms, and their children grow up quickly, which they find very impractical. For this reason, some parents raised their opinions in the class group, but the parent committee has been defending the school, and most of the other parents dare not speak out.

“Even if you buy it optionally, dresses are really not practical.” Mr. Liu, a parent, said that although some classes said that they could buy it voluntarily, in fact, they still had to buy it, and parents were very embarrassed.

The relevant person in charge of Yangshan Primary School in Weiyang District said that the school’s collection of school uniforms was carried out in strict accordance with the normal process, and a school uniform bidding meeting was held at the beginning of this semester, and parent representatives, teacher representatives, and leaders of the Education Bureau were invited to conduct open and transparent bidding, and issued a notice to parents, and asked parents to agree to sign before deciding.

The reason why students are ordered school uniforms is to facilitate the uniform clothing when the school engages in activities, so that students can wear school uniforms during school without comparison. Moreover, the price of 4 sets of school uniforms is not high, because I understand the family situation of most students, and do not exceed the parents’ ability to order when bidding and pricing. In the letter to parents, it is also clear that the subscription of school uniforms adopts the principle of voluntariness, and it is true that school uniforms can not be ordered because of family difficulties.

“Since parents have opinions, we will adopt the opinions and consider the adjustment plan.” The person in charge said that no parents had raised their opinions to the school before, and hoped that parents could communicate with the school to solve any questions.

China Business Daily reporter Zhao Ruili

Source: Huashang Net-Huashang Daily

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