Serum homework collection: a selection of cost-effective entry essences Double 11 must-see guide

Serum homework collection: a selection of cost-effective entry essences Double 11 must-see guide

If you don’t apply the essence, you will be left behind by the years! Yes, the so-called concentrated is the essence. The basic skincare set is no longer enough to meet the marks left by the years on the face. At this time, you must know that the importance of essence is equivalent to the preservative on your face, although it is impossible to make you young forever, but at least it can drag down time. Some essences are thousands of pieces a bottle, some affordable essence is about 1-200, there are many affordable essences are not worse than thousands of pieces, or even better than theirs, but some consumers do not know, it is impossible to experiment one by one, it doesn’t matter, we are doing this, we will screen out the really easy to use affordable essence recommended to everyone, no advertising, are easy to use dry goods skin care products, each one will not make you feel a waste of money and time.

Zhenyang Water Light Serum

This Aqua Serum is super-hydrating, very hydrating and fragrance-free, with a gentle formula that’s safe and secure. It is a very effective skin care product, repairing the skin and brightening the skin tone is really great. The key is that the price is fair, after using it for a month, the skin is really delicate and supple and translucent, and every delicate woman should have one, because it is super easy to use.


Having said so many moisturizing and stability maintenance essences, I finally recommend last summer’s new favorite – Japanese takami small blue bottle, its more prominent effect is to close the mouth and rejuvenate the skin.

Transparent texture liquid, good fluidity, no taste, no irritation. Currently used up a bottle,

It is relatively mild

, at the beginning of the use of relatively fast results, later the effect will be slower.

The closed mouth is much better, the skin is still slightly translucent, and I don’t see any side effects, and I will continue to repurchase.

It is recommended that the sister paper be used locally intermittently, that is, use it when there is a closed mouth, and when the skin is stable, you can use other moisturizing essences or something, and the alternating use feels less delayed, and this cost performance is not very high Wow.

Merloch Astaxanthin Serum 30ml

Efficacy: antioxidant brightening,

Anti-photoaging, improve skin density and firmness, lift and firm skin, fine pores, deep repair, good moisturizing and moisturizing and moisture-locking, reduce the growth of fine lines, make the skin plump and plump, firm and anti-aging!

Astaxanthin is one of the strongest natural antioxidants in the world, with 6,000 times the ability to scavenge free radicals than vitamin C and 1,000 times that of vitamin E, and has become a new favorite in the cosmetics industry due to its powerful antioxidant properties.

The overall ingredient formula of Merloch Astaxanthin Essence is mild antioxidant combined with strong sebum membrane, enhance the overall resistance of the skin, the ingredients mentioned in it β-glucan (that is, Shiseido red waist blowing into the sky to enhance skin immunity) all the ingredients, is to supplement the inherent components of the sebum membrane, and then promote the growth and regeneration of keratinocytes, reduce fine lines, strengthen the skin barrier, external resistance and internal repair. As we all know, ultraviolet radiation is an important cause of epidermal photoaging and skin cancer, and when human skin is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, skin tissue is seriously damaged. The super antioxidant properties of astaxanthin make it a potential photoprotector, effectively removing free radicals that cause skin aging, and tissue skin photoaging.

In a Japanese experiment, after 8 weeks of astaxanthin use, crow’s feet improved significantly, the diameter of the spots decreased, and the hydration of the cheek skin increased.

In addition to this, it can relieve and improve our skin sensitivity and fragility and dull skin, improve skin density and firmness, lift and firm skin, fine pores, deep repair, but also help our skin, promote skin absorption and metabolism, moisturize and maintain the skin, lighten melanin, reduce pigmentation, make the skin smooth and soft, fair and translucent, let you easily say goodbye to dull yellow skin tone, restore supple skin.

L’Occitane Helichrysum Serum 30ml

L’Occitane Helichrysum Extract is a small dropper-type blue bottle, the transparent glass dropper can clearly see the amount taken, the texture of the essence is moist and easy to push open, a bit similar to the texture of the Estée Lauder small brown bottle.

There is no alcohol in the product, no acnegenic ingredients, pregnant women, lactation can be used normally.

L’Occitane Helichrysum Extract does not officially have a nickname such as “Little Blue Bottle”, the main effect is concentrated on moisturizing, and anti-aging and anti-aging, with a little whitening effect, but as a whitening series essence, the whitening effect is limited.

Helichrysum extract sensitive skin may appear red, tingling when used, sensitive skin sister before starting to do their own skin test to make sure there is no problem before starting.

In short, this immortelle extract is an anti-aging moisturizing essence suitable for most skin, if your appeal is anti-aging + moisturizing, and not sensitive skin, this first-line essence is still worth buying.

Physique Shop Conditioning Repair Hydra Essence 45ml

This serum is designed to focus on hydrating and hydrating and is suitable for all skin types, especially oily skin that prefers to refresh and hydrate.

A variety of plant extracts, basil oil, lavender flower, Turkic rose flower and other essences, gentle hydration, and a light fragrance.

But what I don’t think is delicate enough is that it is a pressed pump head, not a dropper like other essences, and it has no texture to use.

The transparent water-like texture can be absorbed by rubbing it on, and it is very fast, and it is really a refreshing and non-greasy type.

Recommended high-quality packaging materials: 30ml glass Serum bottle ABS.

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